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  Member Since:  February 28, 2017
Hi folks, I am thrilled to be back after taking a short break. Now that I have my life back in order, new City, new home, new job - I finally feel like my old self. I love this group and have met some amazing women, whom I can now call friends and have had the opportunity to try out some fantastic products!

I spend my working days in the Court Room and my evenings studying for my LD. In my spare time I enjoy family, sunshine, bonfires, reading beauty blogs, photography, Skin care, cosmetics, outdoors, and my favorite "Chick Advisor".

*~* I am also a Beauty Box Subscription Addict, I love the surprise every month and trying new products *~*

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2019-03-25 12:24:10

February 08, 2019 

Hey Amanda!! It's an old picture :) I haven't been on here too much in the past few months. Things are good on my end. Focusing on my health and have lost 40 lbs since September 1st. Feeling positive!! Preparing for my daughter's graduation in May ... so hard to believe!! How have you been!?

2019-03-25 12:24:10

July 09, 2018 

Yes! Kelsey is still here :) Definitely LOTS of new faces though. They did away with Premium :(

2019-03-25 12:24:10

July 09, 2018 

Amanda!!!! Oh my goodness, you weren't kidding! Everything really is different. It certainly sounds like you're happy though! That's huge! Good for you!!!!! :) We get one life and it's so important to make it the BEST LIFE!

Pretty much everything is the same over here with one exception, ha ha!! :) I'm an auntie now, as of May 25th to a beautiful baby girl named Lilith Grace. I adore her! -Nothing else is new.

I haven't been as active here as I'd like to be so that definitely needs to change. I don't think there's anything new here that I'm aware of either :) Happy you're back and was stoked to see a message from you!
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2019-03-25 12:24:10

July 27, 2017 

Hey!!!! Haven't spoken in awhile and wondered how you've been? Did you manage to sell your house?

2019-03-25 12:24:10

June 15, 2017 

Thank you Amanda>
I only started sewing 3 years ago . I learned how to sew online. I found a site that has many tutorials on how to make them. That's how I learned to sew. The I wanted to try other things, like making bags of all kinds, so ago I searched online how to do things. My only really big problem,
is I can't follow a pattern. So, they are all my own creations. Even the blouses I made. I like creating things,I also paint wildlife.

2019-03-25 12:24:10

June 14, 2017 

Hi Amanda:

Thank you for visiting my gallery. Yes, I make quilts to sell and the purple one you really liked, I made for my cousin who had a baby girl earlier this yr. She wanted colors to match the baby room.
I make all kinds of things. You name, I can usually make it. LOL

2019-03-25 12:24:10

June 06, 2017 

Hiiiiiii! So happy you're loving James Pattersons series! It's SO good! I can't wait for #16!! Should be any time now? I finished up the series by James Hayman. It was damn good! The fourth book, The Girl In The Glass was my favourite out of all five. I read it in less than a day!! So sad I'm finished now...love that he left it wide open for more though!

Book club was awesome! We decided on When Breath Becomes Air. Why they wanted to start with something so heartbreaking is beyond me LOL!! It looks like a fabulous read though. I couldn't track down a copy so had to buy one (bummer)... fabulous group of women and really great conversation! We plan on meeting once a month. I'll be missing out on our July meeting and REALLY love the book choice. The Light Between Oceans. Will probably read it anyways :)

Glad you're healing but OUCH! That's rough! Messes with your mobility when its on the feet hey?

Anything new on the selling front? :)

My son is good! I feel like I should knock on wood everytime I type that. His finger is still healing, will likely be a couple more weeks. He's going to have a nasty scar afterwards. He is still in woodshop but as far as I know he's being extra cautious. Boys!!!!!!

I had a big month for campaigns and am currently waiting for three to arrive. Aveeno, Motts & Powerbar!! I plan on having my family over for a bbq and trying out the Motts with everyone, cocktails & mocktails ;)

I saw your comment on my gallery picture! I have since changed things around a bit. If I get a chance this week I'll post a new one!

2019-03-25 12:24:10

May 29, 2017 

Oh no!!!!! That's awful :( is it feeling any better today? Infections are so rough! My son had another woodshop accident last week and so back to the doctor we went. No stitches this time (last time was 5!!) but only because of where the cut is, up into his fingernail. Have to attempt to keep it clean and dry in the meantime so it can close up and heal. Boys.....

How are things going with the house sale? Any bites so far?

I too was unimpressed with the ending of The Woman In Cabin 10. It actually confused me to be honest...

I'm reading the last book in James Haymans series right now. Just love his writing style!! The 4th book I finished in less than a day. Oops! Going to be sad once I'm finished.

Tonight we are finally meeting up for the book club! After rescheduling for two months it's finally happening. Woo hoo! Will let you know what book we decide on :)

2019-03-25 12:24:10

May 28, 2017 

I am sorry I just read your comment now. I really loved the facial mask. It is totally worth buying. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my review. So glad we are Chickadvisor friends. I hope you get chosen for many new campaigns. Have a Great Week. Thanks again Christine.
 Thank You

2019-03-25 12:24:10

May 21, 2017 

Oh my goodness, wow! I will 100% be sending you guys positive vibes for a quick sale. That's really exciting but I also understand why it's stressful. Is this something you have been thinking about for awhile? Housing sales in Victoria are seriously beyond insane. A house goes up for sale and is sold within days, no joke. There are no rentals here, I think our vacany rate is something like 0.5%. Pretty intense! We rent a house and every month its a worry that our house will go up for sale. I have looked at the cost of rent in our community, upwards to $3500 for a full house. I honestly can not even begin to imagine paying that much. We would have to live in a cardboard box....!

Not too much going on this weekend. We've done a ton of work in our yard and also chilled at the beach. The weather has been 22 which feels fantastic. Well, except for the burning flesh part hahahaha jk. I had to finish up a couple of product reviews for Becel so popped on to do that :) otherwise I haven't been on much this weekend.

I am reading the 3rd book in James Haymans series, Darkness First. Its really good! Not reading it quite as fast this time around haha! Have been busy in the evenings and haven't been reading quite as much. What is your current read?