Hi there, thanks for stopping by! I joined Chick Advisor in February, although it feels like I have been apart of this group of chicks for so much longer. I love this group and have met some amazing women, whom I can now call my friends and have had the opportunity to try out some fantastic products!

I spend my working days in the Court Room and my evenings studying for my LD. In my spare time I am enjoy friends, family, sunshine, bonfires, reading beauty blogs, photography, cosmetics, gardening, and my new found favorite "Chick Advisor" and organizing my favorite cosmetics and household items. Looking for something specific... click on "collections" located on the right hand side under quick links >

*~* I am also a Beauty Box Subscription Addict, I love the surprise every month, trying new products, and am always in search of the 'next best' whatever.... *~*


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