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10 Reasons Why We Wish Jennifer Lawrence Was Our Best Friend

Posted by Christina | Tuesday January 28, 201411 comments

Award season has just started and my obsession with how cool my imaginary best friend Jennifer Lawrence is has gone through the roof. You know that every red carpet is an opportunity for J Law to put her foot in her mouth and we cannot get enough of it. Her ability to be both unbelievably awkward and unbelievably charming makes her my top choice for BFF. I'm pretty sure we’d have a ball getting manis together and laughing about how many times we've embarrassed ourselves.

Here are the top 10 times we've fallen more and more in love with Jennifer Lawrence and why she is totally worthy of BFF status:

#1. Jennifer Lawrence will photo bomb with you like a best friend always should. This makes me wish she came to almost every birthday party or wedding with me - we could be photo bomb queens together.

#2. She is shameless when it comes to talking about her body. She recently compared her armpit fat to her lady bits, for instance. And has been quite outspoken about Hollywood’s expectations of actresses bodies. 

#3. Girl can eat. She has no problem expressing her love for pizza and french fries and told Access Hollywood she doesn’t know what the word diet means. Can I get an amen? 

#4. She can fall down stairs at the Oscars and still look fabulous. Hugh Jackman was even there to give her a helping hand. I wish those Australian muscles would help me every time I slipped.

#5. She wears Dior Haute Couture and doesn’t even know what Haute means, so basically we’re in the same boat and hopefully the same size range so we can share dresses.

#6. She got to kiss Bradley Cooper multiple times. Can we just talk about this Jen? You’re living my dream!

#7. She has the mouth of a sailor and constantly drops the “f-bomb” and still somehow remains classy. Teach me?

#8. Lady can flirt with anyone. Jack Nicholson told her she looked like an old girlfriend, and possibly a new one. You know you’ve made it when you’ve got legends fawning all over you.

#9. She hates when people ruin her favourite television shows and was devastated when Access Hollywood ruined Homeland for her. Just like when my Twitter feed ruins possibly every episode I miss of the Mindy Project. J.Law we can be mad at spoilers together and have a Homeland marathon!

#10. She has the ability to make the best/worst facial expressions and still make people fall in love with her.
Can I just be her BFF already, or better yet can I just be her?

If that didn't make you have a massive girl crush on her I don’t know what else will. I personally cannot wait to see the other embarrassing moments she has on the red carpet for the rest of the award season.

What do you think of Jennifer Lawrence? Do you wish she was your new bestie or hate how embarrassing she is?
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on September 11, 2015  Kylee  40,914 said:

I really like her! I wish she was my best friend she is awesome. I really like that she is real she's not fake like most celebrities. And she is stunning!

on May 01, 2015  mepark  20,519 said:

Lets just face it, she is the best!

on February 03, 2014  Patricia  6,830 said:

Love Jennifer Lawrence! She is not pretentious and fake like every other actress out there! Her work is great! (Love Hunger Games) and she is so pretty!

on February 01, 2014  Steffikah  9,295 said:

I agree about the nickname - I hate it. But she as a person is amazing. She's so real and you know what, that's what hollywood needs!

on January 30, 2014  cole said:

I love her with a few exceptions. She seems so real and funny. But J Law? Oh my god. can you guys get anymore ridiculous?

on January 30, 2014  grannychanny  1,593 said:

She's young and being true to herself. Just imagine how well she will do when she's a bit older. I can't imagine what Hollywood would be like if they were all real like Jen?

on January 29, 2014  Charmheart16  3,985 said:

I love her! She's genuinely real and funny. She's not putting up an act - she's just being herself and that's what makes her so lovable.

on January 28, 2014  flower  4,433 said:

I like her she's feisty

on January 28, 2014  mirandasivilay  483 said:

Jennifer Lawrence was hilariously good in American Hustle! She is starting to grow on me. I like her realness.

on January 28, 2014  KatelynRose1984  20,704 said:

She's everything I love to see in a person.

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