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5 Cyber Dating Tips

| Sunday March 8, 2009 Leave a comment
Cyber DatingLife is busy. Between work, groceries, housework and “Grey’s”, there’s little time left to breathe let alone meet a man. Thankfully, along with iPhones and HDTV, the 21st century has also ushered in the new age of cyber-dating which means Mr. Right could be just a mouse click away.

According to relationship experts, one of the top mistakes women make when dating is, - no kidding – not making enough time for dating! In other words, we want to meet The One but somehow creating that on-line profile keeps slipping to the bottom of our To-Do lists. Spring is almost here, so it’s the perfect time to make a fresh start! Here are my Top 5 Tips for making the most of your on-line dating experience:

1. Commit to making time to date. Try to devote at least 3-4 hours a week – schedule the time on your calendar and treat it with the same importance you would any other appointment.

2. Get clear about the type of person you want to meet before creating an on-line profile. Define your personal deal-breakers (e.g., must want kids, must not smoke, must be emotionally free and clear of his Ex). At the same time, try to be open to people who don’t necessarily fit your usual “type” as far as looks or occupation. Remember: What’s inside is more important than what’s outside over the long run. And qualities that may seem desirable in a dating partner might not be as desirable in a life partner.

3. Choose the best dating website to match your needs. If you’re looking for marriage or a serious relationship, try eHarmony or the serious relationships section on LavaLife.

4. Arrange your first face-to-face date as soon as possible. Too many people waste too much time cyber-chatting for weeks or even months, only to discover there’s no “off-line” chemistry. Once you’ve screened your potential date and exchanged a small handful of emails, it’s time to meet!

5. Always choose a safe place for the first date: It should be somewhere public and preferably during the day. For instance, meeting for coffee or lunch gives you a ready “out” if things don’t go as well as you’d hoped. And remember to be very cautious about giving out any personal information until you’ve gotten to know the person better.

Above all, make sure to keep things casual in the beginning and have fun meeting new people! Even if romance doesn’t blossom, you never know who might have a hot lead for a new job, or a hot friend who’d love to meet you. Stay open to new possibilities, keep a positive attitude and enjoy yourself!

by Lisa Summers
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