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Fun & Unique Valentine's Day Date Ideas You Both Can Enjoy

Posted by Catherine | Thursday February 12, 201512 comments
This Saturday, the majority of couples around the world will all be sitting down for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner at the fanciest of restaurants. Yawn.

Don’t get me wrong, I love an amazing meal surrounded by eager Instagrammers, but it can be a little too conventional and boy, can it be pricey. Steer away from the typical bouquet of flowers and heart shaped chocolates, and let's talk about some more unique  date ideas. 

Okay, maybe the chocolates can stay…

(1) Plan a sunrise to sunset date
It’s your day as a couple, so you might as well make the best of it! Start the day off by waking up early to watch the sunrise, followed by cooking a romantic breakfast together. Then, spend a low-key day relaxing in each other's company (no phones allowed). As sunset approaches, lace up your skates and have a twirl on the nearby ice rink. Many community centres have outdoor rinks with free admission, or maybe you're lucky enough to live near a river or creek with a natural ice trail. Finish the night  by preparing your favourite dinner together.

(2) Make it a games night!
People think Valentine’s Day has to be spent with just their significant other, but with everyone’s busy schedules, take the opportunity to catch up with other couples. All gather at one person’s place for a potluck and some games.

(3) Plan a scavenger hunt
At each stop, leave special notes of your favourite memories as a couple so far. It’s cheesy, but these notes are always something you can keep! This is also extra nice because you don’t even have to leave your house to create some adventure and romance. Use your imagination to decide what the final prize will be.

(4) Get out into nature
Pour some hot chocolate in a thermos, throw on some warm clothes, and go for a romantic hike in a nearby nature preserve. Fortunately in the US, all National Parks have free entry on Valentine’s Day! Bonus: if both of you are really into the hike and get your sweat on, you get the extra release of endorphins so you’re both bound to have a happy time.

(5) Special keepsake
Head to the mall and engrave each of your names on a jewelry of choice (perhaps a necklace or a watch). The actual engraving process is not too expensive and found in the majority of malls. Check out Thing Engraved for ideas!

(6) Soak in some culture!
Many local galleries are free or entry is based on voluntary donations. It’s the perfect opportunity to be able to just focus on one another and appreciate local art.

(7) Lover's Lane
Get nostalgic by heading to the nearest peak with the prettiest view of all the twinkling lights. It’s the perfect opportunity to star gaze (from the warmth of your car of course). If you end up making out in the back seat like a couple of teenagers, well, we wouldn't judge.

(8) Hit up that five star restaurant for dessert
Restaurants are going to be packed on this night, so you will have much better luck going an hour before closing just to enjoy a dessert each. It will probably taste that much better knowing it’s not added onto a $100+ bill.

(9) Sledding & Snowball fights
This is an opportunity to bring along the kids or your pet if you want to spend the day with them as well!

(10) Check into a hotel for the night
This staycation means a night away from the pressures and responsibilities of home. Get room service and enjoy the in-house spa services.

(11) Be tourists in your own city
We can be so busy getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives that we can forget what our own city has to offer! For the day, tour around your city stopping off at your city’s main attractions. Bonus: some places offer horse and buggy rides that can take you around so you can skip the walking and cuddle up in the back.

(12) Recreate your first date
First dates can be awkward, but thankfully you’re past that stage. Here’s a cute way of looking back on your first date together and seeing how cheesy it really was. You will surely get some laughs from it!

(13) Splurge by renting your dream sports car for the day!
There are many companies across North America where you can both experience the thrill inside a fast luxurious car. This one isn’t just for the men that’s for sure because we ladies love a nice exotic car, too.

(14) Do something you two have never done before together!
This really opens up many opportunities. From boxing classes that allow you to get your sweat on together to volunteering at a pet rescue shelter, doing something different will be memorable.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day, Chicks! Which idea would you consider for this special day?
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on February 05, 2016  a.m646  1,024 said:

Good ideas!!

on May 02, 2015  11kalf  15,970 said:

I love the re-create a first date idea. It celebrates how you got here, and how you've grown. Really touching :)

on May 01, 2015  mepark  20,519 said:

This article has some cute ideas!

on March 09, 2015  jmca  9,215 said:

Fun ideas, not only for Valentine's Day but for always.

on February 25, 2015  glumbumble  10,038 said:

These are actually some really good ideas. I like how a lot of them are non-material. We ended up not doing anything for Valentine's Day as it was shortly after I came home from the hospital. Our usual thing was always to do dinner and a movie, but with my stomach the way it was/is, there was no way I could sit in a straight back chair for more then five minutes. So it's a shame we never ended up doing anything.

on February 13, 2015  flower  4,433 said:

recreate the first date sounds fun

on February 13, 2015  Griechux  35,540 said:

These are some nice ideas!!
We have wedding to go to tomorrow and after that we will stay in hotel, leaving baby with grandma! So very excited, we will see how romantic evening/night is gonna be, we might just enjoy a good night sleep without baby cry's interrupting us :))

on February 13, 2015  mamaluv  STAFF said:

I find that one of the best things you can do is to take all the planning off his plate. My husband is the type to come home after work on Valentine's Day and say "so, did you want to do anything tonight, or..." He really likes it when I have a plan ready to go (it also helps when things like RESERVATIONS are needed), and this makes him feel loved.

Thankfully I usually have pretty strong ideas of what I'd like to do on special occasions so I'm fine with doing all of the planning. No Quentin Tarantino movies on a romantic date night, lol!

on February 13, 2015  Cat22 said:

That sounds like a lovely idea Angelwingsx2! Skating is always a very fun time, and since you haven't done it in a while, it will definitely be a memorable day. I agree, keep it a surprise! It will be that much more exciting :)

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