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Black & White Pose Off: Guess the Pricey Piece

| Thursday November 4, 201047 comments
We've been focusing so much on rich colour that it's easy to forget how much fun we can have with simple Blacks & Whites.

Jen's cozy houndstooth fringed wrap adds an edgy flair to a soft ladylike outfit.

Hafsa's accessories and candy-red nails pop against her bold stripes...

...and Cathy's ensemble effortlessly blends comfort with style.

Now it's your turn:  Which piece shown in this post is the most expensive?  Someone's correct guess will earn them a prize from our swag stash!
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on November 09, 2010  Virginia from Lady V dZine said:

My guess is that Cathy's boots are the most expensive piece.

on November 09, 2010  mamaluv  STAFF said:


Congratulations Melissa! You were the only person to correctly guess that Hafsa's glasses are the single most expensive item in this Pose Off, coming in at approx $350. We will be in touch by email to arrange for your prize.

Stay tuned, everyone! Another guessing game is coming soon...

on November 08, 2010  Katie said:

Jennifer's necklace!

on November 08, 2010  luv2shop  3,743 said:

My guess is Cathy's boots

on November 08, 2010  lilpeej  1,225 said:

My guess is Hafsa's purse.

on November 08, 2010  kath_ryn  1,145 said:

I'm going to guess Jen's wrap. I really like it, but I'm not sure I could pull it off that well.

on November 07, 2010  tweetie  5,559 said:

Cathy's boots are my guess.

on November 07, 2010  torooo  443 said:

Jennifer's clutch

on November 07, 2010  tobyhir  1,271 said:

Cathy's jacket! :D

on November 07, 2010  Serena Debolt said:

Jens bag..

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