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ChickAdvisor Premium Frequently Asked Questions

Friday November 11, 2016 by ChickAdvisor Team

Updated: February 24, 2017
If you're reading this post, then you've already heard the amazing news about #ChickAdvisorPremium! Since this is a brand new offer from us, we know you have questions. Without further ado:

What is ChickAdvisor Premium?
Our Premium Members will get priority for ChickAdvisor's Product Review Club.  A percentage of all available spots to test products will be...

Introducing... ChickAdvisor Premium!

Thursday November 3, 2016 by ChickAdvisor Team

Pour lire ce message en français, voir plus bas

We are so excited to announce an exclusive and NEW ChickAdvisor program: ChickAdvisor Premium.

What is it?
Think of ChickAdvisor Premium like ShowCase and ShopCrawl combined but open to everyone across Canada, for the cost of one latte a month. 

How it's like ShowCase
Just for signing up, each of you will get a welcome gift which is a custom...

Dufferin Mall ShopCrawl Event Recap + Pictures!

Thursday October 22, 2015 by ChickAdvisor Team

#DufferinMallShopCrawl is a wrap, Chicks, and we're thrilled to say it was a huge success!

Naturally, pictures say a thousand words so without further ado, check out some of the excitement on Twitter and Instagram during the event:


Attendees got hot discounts at Dynamite, Call It Spring, Reitmans, Winners and Marshalls...
...H&M, GAP Factory, American Eagle Outfitters...

Dufferin Mall ShopCrawl Details: Stores & Swag!

Wednesday September 23, 2015 by ChickAdvisor Team


UPDATE: TICKETS ARE NOW SOLD OUT. Stay tuned for our recap article coming soon!
We recently announced our latest ShopCrawl, and tickets are selling fast! This year we're headed to Dufferin Mall in Toronto for exclusive deals at major stores and walking out with a spectacular swag bag (of course!)

Some of you have been waiting to buy your ticket until today's Big Reveal, and the wait...

New Product Review Club Offer: Scotch™ Essentials™ Brand

Tuesday September 22, 2015 by ChickAdvisor Team


Let's start off by saying that we're not suggesting a return to the days of forcing young girls to spend hours learning needlework instead of studying chemistry and playing competitive sports.

However, aside from a mandatory semester or two in Home Economics class most of us are pretty useless when it comes to a needle and thread. In fairness, we're also too busy to learn this basic skill...

Exclusive ChickAdvisor Event! Dufferin Mall ShopCrawl

Friday September 18, 2015 by ChickAdvisor Team


UPDATE: TICKETS ARE NOW SOLD OUT. Stay tuned for our recap article coming soon!

Chicks, we're back with our wildly popular ShopCrawl! This year, the event is taking place at Dufferin Mall, located in the hub of Toronto's vibrant west end. 

You think you know Dufferin Mall, but did you hear about the exciting new retailers who recently moved in? With its 120 stores and services, it's a...

New Product Review Club Offer: Mabel's Labels Back-To-School Label Packs

Wednesday July 29, 2015 by Ali


I am not at all ready for my boy to start school next month. I’m not talking about procrastinating with school supply shopping.  I am not emotionally prepared for Jake to be in kindergarten.  

It seems like he was a newborn just yesterday and now I’m expected to turn him out into the world.  Suit him up, slap on a backpack, put together a healthy lunch respecting all...

New Product Review Club Offer: Mabel's Labels Limited Edition Camp Label Pack

Wednesday May 6, 2015 by Catherine

Whoo hoo! It's countdown to summer camp. Kids are just as excited about the activities and daily pancake breakfasts as parents are about having some quality time alone.

Do you find packing your child's bags for camp stressful? There are so many “Do’s” & “Don’ts” that you have to consider! Will she be embarrassed if I pack her Disney character underwear? Deet or Deet-free...

How points work on ChickAdvisor and a note about #hashtags

Monday March 2, 2015 by Ali

Chicks, we have some exciting news for you!  First, there are less than 3 weeks left until Spring and winter is dead to you. Congratulations on getting through it!

Points = gift cards
The second great piece of news is that each month, points are going to give you a shot at earning an e-gift card!  Every month we will tally up who has earned the most points within that month*.  

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: For Babies, Kids, and Teens

Friday December 5, 2014 by ChickAdvisor Team

Need gift ideas for babies, kids, and teens? While Cold Hard Cash is never a bad idea, it's not as much fun to unwrap so try one of these suggestions instead:

(1) Shimmery tweed coat, C$43.99 (sale) / US$36.99 (sale) at GAP

(2) Warmest hooded puffer vest, C$35 (sale) / US$39.95 at GAP

(3) Kids Fisherman Pullover, C$40 (sale) / US$38 (sale) at American Apparel

(4) Cable knit one-piece, C$39.95 / US$34...

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