Brilliant New Product: Secret Summer Cool Toeless Pantyhose

Friday April 17, 2009 by Ali

A pair of these just arrived in the mail at ChickAdvisor H.Q and it was agreed by all that this is genius!Bare legs at the office in summer can be either too cold with the air conditioning blasting or frowned upon if the office vibe is especially conservative. What's a sandal loving Chick to do? Until now, our choice was peaking pantyhose out the peep toe or braving bare legs.

Secret has come up with their own nifty solution: toeless thigh high pantyhose. Not too hot, not too cold... just right. Brilliant!

We certainly plan to test these puppies out. Would you wear these?

Secret Summer Cool are available at mass retailers and drugstores for $8.50 - $10.50

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