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New Product Review Club Offer: Scotch™ Essentials™ Brand

Posted by ChickAdvisor Team | Tuesday September 22, 201525 comments

Let's start off by saying that we're not suggesting a return to the days of forcing young girls to spend hours learning needlework instead of studying chemistry and playing competitive sports.

However, aside from a mandatory semester or two in Home Economics class most of us are pretty useless when it comes to a needle and thread. In fairness, we're also too busy to learn this basic skill what with the aforementioned extracurricular activities in our teens and our challenging careers and family responsibilities as adults.

Fashion has also become increasingly disposable, and as a result it seems like clothing just isn't made as well as it used to be. We've all had that frustrating realization of a missing button or unraveling hem at the most inconvenient time! 

Here's a neat solution for all of you wardrobe victims out there whether you're a petite person who needs every pant leg shortened, a walking wardrobe malfunction, or someone in between: Scotch™ Essentials Brand!

Scotch™ Essentials Brand are quick-fix products designed to easily adjust or repair most of your common wardrobe woes--no sewing required! There are currently 12 clever products in the line-up, and this week's Product Review Club spotlight is on three of them.

Scotch™ Essentials™ Easy Fix Button:
  • The no-sew way to reattach or add buttons
  • Instantly repair or replace your loose or lost button while on the go
  • Add an extra button to keep clothing secure or to personalize your style

Scotch™ Essentials™ Adjustable Hem Tape:
  • Easily change hem length for high heels or flats without commitment
  • Great for jeans, skirts, dresses, pants and more!
  • Easy to use perforated liner
  • No ironing or sewing required

Scotch™ Essentials™ Permanent Hem Bonding Strips:
  • Instantly bond fabric without sewing or ironing
  • Easy application
  • Holds securely through cold water wash and low temperature dry cycle
  • Works on most fabrics; pretest delicate fabrics (not for use on silk); versatile and works for other fabric projects

I can immediately think of four articles of clothing in my closet that I would use these products on right now. No more stacking favourite items off to the side that I'll fix "as soon as I have time" (ie: never). I'm definitely interested in trying #ScotchEssentials at my very first opportunity and I know you are, too.

500 Canadian women from our Product Review Club will be selected for this opportunity. If you want to be one of them, please click the banner below to complete our short application survey by September 27, 2015. 

Chosen testers will be notified by email during the week of September 28. Don't forget to share about this opportunity on Twitter and Instagram for extra consideration and tag #ScotchEssentials. Good luck!

What is the ChickAdvisor Product Review Club? Click here for full eligibility requirements and how to sign up, plus check out this helpful FAQ to boost your chances of qualifying to take part in a testing panel. You must be a ChickAdvisor member to apply (membership is free). Not all applicants will qualify. ChickAdvisor is the sole decision maker for who is selected based on eligibility requirements, and reserves the right to disqualify any participant for any reason.

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on February 04, 2016  a.m646  1,024 said:


on December 09, 2015  Jazmyni  693 said:

These products are Amazing! I am 5 foot 6 and have an inseam of 28 inches most pants are 30 lol Plus it's great when you have kids who grow like weeds and often they need to grown into clothes so it works well #ScotchEssentials

on December 08, 2015  tiggerspet  1,825 said:

Loved the hem product best. The button fixer came in handy during my vacation! Future of mending for sure! 5 star products!

on November 18, 2015  MELANIE said:


on November 16, 2015  Fairygirl  1,590 said:

I love the #ScotchEssentials package sent to me for review by #ChickAdvisors. I was so excited to be selected to try this product as sewing is not a skill I was ever able to conquer. The sad truth is our son would go to his father with anything that required sewing. I now am the go to in the house for hemming and other small fixes thanks to #ScotchEssentials. I would recommend this product to anyone, even those that sew, as this is so much easier than sewing and it works wonderfully.

on October 24, 2015  Nessi  17,786 said:

I love the temporary hem ! Great way to adjust the length before making any commitment and make sure you will be happy with you decision ! Love these product ! Thank you chick advisor

on October 22, 2015  cgreen  13,518 said:

OMG I love the permanent hemming stickers, my pants are finally the right length!!! The button fix is genius

on October 16, 2015  jessipickle  5,464 said:

I love to sew but these would be awesome to try!

on October 01, 2015  angelaj20  81,680 said:

I would to try these as I lack in sewing skills and patience

on September 25, 2015  Cristeasha  1,110 said:

This product could save me so much many prickled fingers and visits to the tailor to adjust my favourite pants or the new ones that are too long on me.

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