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Cute April Showers Rain Gear

Posted by Christina | Wednesday April 2, 201420 comments

April Showers brings May Flowers; Is that how the rhyme goes? Well hopefully April Showers at least brings a little warmer weather. I cannot wait to wear my tall rain boots! A necessity for Spring fashion will always be super cute rain gear, I have to admit it's a lot more fun jumping in a puddle with my welly's than it is in my new flats. But wearing big rain boots or a rain coat does not have to be the ugly part to a rainy day, instead you can use some super cute accessories to brighten up the day and hopefully bring in some sunshine. Especially if you've got little ones who just love to fearlessly jump in puddles, adorable rain gear is key!

Here are some cute rain gear ideas for the ladies who want to stay fashionable and trendy when mother nature comes raining on their parade:
Super Adorable Umbrellas 

1. iRain Floral Print Ruffled Umbrella (C$25.00)

2. LuLu Guinness Super Slim Umbrella (C$40.00)

3. Marc Jacobs Zebra Umbrella (C$24.00)

4. Fulton Pink Birdcage Bubble Umbrella (C$30.00)

5. Top Shop Raining Cats and Dogs Umbrella (UK£16.00)

Cute Rain Coats

1. Anthropologie Azalee Rain Jacket (C$188.00)

2. Old Navy Active Lightweight Anoraks (C$39.94)

3. Forever 21 High-Wattage Crocheted Rain Coat (C$35.80)

4. ASOS Clear Rain Mac (C$62.29)

5. Brave Soul Polka Dot Hooded Rain Mac (C$52.74)

6. Columbia Women's Arcadia II Jacket (C$89.99)

Puddle Jumping Boots 


1. Dav Devon Ombre Rain Boots (C$89.00)

2. Ladies Joules Lacey Welly Rain Boots (C$75.00)

3. Sperry Duckling Boot (US$60.00)

4. NastyGal Forecast Boot - Navy (C$72.13)

5. Target Novel Polka Dot Rain Boots (C$29.99)

6. Hunter Original Short Gloss Rain Boot (C$150.00)

What are some of your rain gear essentials? Did I miss any of your rain gear favourites?
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on April 07, 2014  chicky82  2,625 said:

I really like the minty green/blue rain boots. I have a hard time finding rain boots that fit. They rarely fit my calves and the ones that are supposed to be adjustable don't adjust enough, if I do find ones that fit my calves then they are too big in the boot. I have just have to be stuck with wearing duckies (#3)

on April 07, 2014  TashaCat  6,762 said:

I've never owned wellies - I really need a pair of rubber boots... now I'm inspired to go out and look. I own the oldest pair of duck boots on the planet - they are awesome for gardening.

on April 03, 2014  flower  4,433 said:

I have a cat umbrella

on April 02, 2014  Skye_Ann  2,191 said:

Ah man, what a strong reminder that spring is indeed here - rainy stormy weather!
Maybe someday I'll splurge on some cute items like I've seen here, but for now I'll stick with my super cheap Target wellies.

on April 02, 2014  imfeehily  8,865 said:

Love the Target Novel Polka Dot Rain Boots.

on April 02, 2014  rachified  290 said:

Love any opportunity to pull out my "wellys." Though I've learned not to splurge too much on them - they are all just rubber (Yes, I still have buyer's regret about my Michael Kors rainboots from 3 years ago).

on April 02, 2014  fredamans  12,237 said:

I love the birdcage umbrella!

on April 02, 2014  rachified  290 said:

@takoda Ahh, so sad/precious! We've all had those moments. All you can do is laugh and embrace your wet ratttyness.

on April 02, 2014  snazzytank  15,283 said:

I love the boots - ALL the boots!! Such a far cry from our old black and orange rubber boots from years gone by!

on April 02, 2014  takoda  28,648 said:

When I was about six I had an umbrella that looked just like the Birdcage Bubble Umbrella. Unfortunately the wind got a hold of it during a rain storm and turned it inside out on me.

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