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DIY Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Posted by Alexandra C. | Thursday February 2, 201217 comments

I know that based on what the movies tell me, I should hate Valentine's Day but, I actually love Valentine's Day. Here's why: I love the fact that you can make anyone feel so special and loved on this day. One of the ways I do this is by creating personalized homemade gifts. With just a little bit of extra effort and of course, a handy dandy glue gun, you can create fabulous DIY gifts that will make anyone's heart melt. 

Here's a round up of awesome DIY ideas and inspiration, just because I love you, I honestly love you. 

Valentine Idea #1: Cute Cards  

(from left) Paint Swatches: Re-purpose old paint swatches in shades of pink and red with fun stamps. Best of all- this one is crazy cheap if you stock up at your local hardware store! (via casasugar.com)

Scratch Card Valentine: The pictured card is a wedding invite but you could easily personalize a card using this method for Valentine's Day. What about scratching off to reveal a hidden love note? Click here for full tutorial.

Sweet 3-D Valentine: Taking a photo, cut two slits and slide in a treat for the recipient! I love how they use the photo itself as part of the card. (via remodelaholic.com

Valentine Idea #2: Get Creative with Packaging

Play Doh Valentine: Like our kid-friendly sticker valentine craft, using small gifts like these with snappy sayings are great in a basket, on their own or for classmates. (via the-wilson-world.blogspot.com

Brown Paper Bag: This is actually a printable craft (check it out here), which I think it would be so adorable to have a special Valentine's lunch packed in this with a funny quote! 

(top and bottom right) Boxes and Wrapping: These are reused wooden cigar boxes lined and filled with Valentine's Day goodies. I love how the little saying or message included makes it so unique for the receiver. (via designsponge.com) 

Valentine Idea #3 (part 1): Great Gifts for Him and Her 

(from left to right) Candles: Create an expensive looking candle out of a dollar store buy simply by rolling a white candle on stamp pad. (via sparkleandhay.com)

Unroll a Message: Using stamps or even by freehand, write down a message on fabric and roll onto old spool. Have your valentine unroll it to reveal a love letter! (via papernstitchblog.com)

Scrabble Coasters: Using scrabble tiles to create a coaster is a great way to make a gift specific to the person you're giving it to. Spell out their name or an inside joke! (via intimateweddings.com)

Pencil: This gift is the perfect teacher's valentine. Attach a cute tag to a pencil and add a clever quote: 'You're the "Write" Stuff' perhaps? (via thirtyhandmadeholidays.com)

DIY Cufflinks: For the dapper gent, use old buttons to create one of a kind cufflinks. (via hellobeautiful.com

Customize a Journal: Remember those old school library check out cards? I love how you can use the same style to create an adorable little card! Attached onto the inside of a journal (or maybe a special, meaningful book), it makes a fab present. (via bhg.com

Valentine Idea #3 (part 2): Great Gifts for Him and Her  

(from left to right) Candy Pencils: Roll a pack of candies in paper and attach a kiss at the bottom. It's a fun and unique way to package a typical Valentine's present. (via fabhousewife.com

Snow Globes for Valentine's: Use household products to create a snow globe! This craft is especially kid-friendly. Use a glue gun to attach a plastic toy as well, this is a great opportunity to use something special for the person you're giving it to! (via dandee-designs.com

DIY Teabags: This craft is a bit more challenging and time consuming but I can't get over how cool they are! Imagine a flavour and label made just for you! Also try DIY'ing a teabag made for the tub, how awesome is that? (via abeautifulmess.typepad.com

Movie Night For Two: Create a basket or pack with all the fixings for night in for two. I particularly like this pack for a movie night. Feel free to add in more personal and meaningful objects that mean something special to the two of you. (via eatdrinkchic.com

Chalkboard Crafts: Chalkboard paint is going to become your new best friend, Chicks. The possibilities are endless with a can of this stuff! Paint the tops of chocolate boxes, mugs, candle holders... pretty much anything you can find. Add a sweet message and voila- you're done! (via poppytalk.blogspot.com

Crayons: Have old crayons lying around? Me too. Cut them up and melt them down in a silicone tray in the oven which makes one brand new one; cool, huh? (via fabhousewife.com

Will you be giving away any valentines this year?
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on February 03, 2012  GeraldineL  901 said:

Love the paint swatches idea, just not sure where and how I would use them!

on February 03, 2012  takoda  28,648 said:

Great idea's Alex, I love the candy pencil's. I made cookie pencil's for one of my son's school bake sale's that went over very well.

on February 02, 2012  sacki20  971 said:

wow some of thoes are super cute and creative, however for a guy i would do this...

get a six pack of bottled beer, or any bottles that look like a beer bottle...

obviously clean them out....put candys that your man likes in each bottle recap the bottles and decorate the case for the six pack, or you can decorate the bottle and there you go a super cute present

on February 02, 2012  so_adorkable_  2,602 said:

cute ideas! i really like the 3d card and the scratch card is nice too!

on February 02, 2012  Kagoory  1,784 said:

very clever ideas and cute at the same time!

on February 02, 2012  MizzRobin  13,788 said:

Such cute ideas! Loving the candy pencils!

on February 02, 2012  momofthree  492 said:

Some cute ideas, really think the pencils are cute for your young school age children.Wonder how hard it would be for them to do on their own? Will have to think about trying some of them out!

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