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Wedding Hair Tutorial: Royal-Inspired Chignon

Posted by Catherine | Tuesday March 24, 201531 comments

There can never be too many bridal cake & dress reality shows on TV, right? I can't be the only one here who has been guilty of binge-watching these overplayed reruns on weekends...

There's something missing from the mix of these wedding shows though, and that's the focus on the hairstyles! After searching through hundreds of pictures of gorgeous 'dos on celebs and royal brides, we have found this regally romantic look that will make you feel like a true duchess on your special day. Hey, you've already got your Duke to match!

You will need: Batiste Dry Shampoo, medium hold hairspray, comb, backcombing brush, bobby pins, and small clear hair elastics


As you know, it's best to have unwashed hair for updos. Apply Batiste throughout unwashed hair for freshness and to add texture for optimal hold.

Separate hair into four sections (left side, right side, top, and bottom), and clip up the top and two sides for now.

Apply hairspray to the whole bottom area and begin to tease hair chunks about ½ to 1 inch each. Loosely braid the bottom section of freshly teased hair and secure with a clear hair elastic.

Loosen braid as this is the structure of the low chignon. Click to watch this step.
Twist the braid starting at the base of your head and secure with a bobby pin. Click to watch this step.
Continue down the length of the braid and spiral it loosely around the bottom of your head, pinning along the way loosely until a chignon is formed.

Take the top area you sectioned off at the beginning and separate into an upper and lower section! Clip the upper piece aside for now.

Lightly tease the lower section and twist partway down. Secure with bobby pin (like a bouffant) and twist the end into another chignon. Both of these base chignons create support for the top section of your style.

Take the uppermost section and gently tease as well, remembering to smooth the top. Twist and pin right at the beginning of the section you just teased, and spiral all of the ends to pin on head. Click to watch this step.

French braid the right side of the head and secure with clear hair elastic. Click to watch this step. Repeat on the other side, leaving a small section in front for a side-swept piece to clip up.

Take the two side braids and pull them up and over the base bun in a criss-cross pattern.
Pin to secure. Then, wrap and tuck the ends of the braids into the bun to hide the ends.

View from behind


This post was sponsored by Batiste Dry Shampoo. Check out our members' reviews here! What do you think of this gorgeous look?
Thank you to Christina Fiorillo for creating the inspired look. Christina Fiorillo (@thekiss_makeup) has done hair styling and makeup for many bridal ceremonies. In Spring 2015, she will be attending Complections Makeup & Hair School in Toronto to further her education.
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on August 26, 2017  maevekoebel  469 said:

Love how simple it is!

on June 15, 2017  Amritap  356 said:

Love it and looks easy. Cannot wait to try it.

on May 04, 2017  jennmarieh  4,707 said:

I love this updo!

on April 09, 2017  Aletha25  4,604 said:

Love it, very informative

on June 30, 2016  Caro9  23,748 said:

Absolument merveilleux mais difficile à faire toute seule.

on February 04, 2016  a.m646  1,024 said:

I am going to have to try this I love doing hair!!

on November 06, 2015  KrissiC  25,848 said:

So beautiful! Can't wait to try it! Thanks for posting this!

on October 24, 2015  Nessi  17,786 said:

What a beautiful updo ! Wish you guys would make one for short/medium hair !

on September 24, 2015  lisarayfemme  207 said:

It is just great and you are right, there can never be too many bridal cake & dress & hairstyles. Thank you. I will have my wedding soon and I have no idea what to do with my hair. :D

on June 05, 2015  jennymach86  9,111 said:

love it really pretty

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