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Fan Mail Friday

Posted by Claire | Friday April 9, 2010 Leave a comment
Happy Friday! We bring you our latest addition of fan mail faves to start your weekend off right.

First we have a gal who desperately needs a few days off:

"I returned a pair of flip flops a couple of months ago using an enclsoed purolator slip and have not heard anything."

Girlfriend, not only are you way off by sending this to us, but you also expect us to read your mind for the missing information. Fail.

Next is a tetchy vendor who for some reason holds us accountable for an old address listing:

"*** bought ****. Now it is time to change name and address."

Dude - we're not the Yellow Pages. Ask like a gentleman next time. Epic Fail!

Do you get Fan Mail? What's the wackiest email that landed in your inbox?
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