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New FamilyRated Offer: Zoomer Interactive Robot

Posted by FamilyRated Team | Tuesday September 18, 201827 comments

Bring home a new best friend with Zoomer the Interactive Robot -- the latest interactive toy from Spin Master
  • Zoomer Hungry Bunnies Chewy or Shreddy: Adopt one of these fluffy-eared Hungry Bunnies and watch them eat all their snacks, just like real bunnies. Hold one of 80 paper treats up to their mouth and watch them munch until it's all gone -- and then "poop" out a colourful confetti surprise! Then get to know this adorable Bunny's personality as it sings, plays, and even giggles as you tickle its little tummy. 
  • Zoomer Playful Pup: Your adorable new friend, Zoomer the Playful Pup, moves and sounds just like a real dog! Discover your Pup's big personality as he responds to your voice and touch (using voice recognition technology) with cuddles and real puppy sounds. Give him a name and watch him come when you call, and then watch as he pounces and plays -- performing up to 25 tricks! 

We are seeking US families to test and review one of the Zoomer Interactive Robots! So click the button below to apply by September 24, 2018 for your chance to be one of our advocates: 

Applications close at 11:59 PM (Pacific time) on September 24, 2018. Offer open to residents of USA only. Selected members will be contacted by email the week of September 25, 2018. Remember to add "[email protected]" to your email address book to ensure that you receive all future communications from us!

For extra consideration, help us share this opportunity on social media and remember to include #DiscoverZoomer.

Good luck!

You must be a FamilyRated member to apply (membership is free). Not all applicants will qualify. FamilyRated is the sole decision maker for who is selected based on eligibility requirements, and reserves the right to disqualify any participant for any reason.

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on October 16, 2018  Hannah8647  603 said:

My kids are so excite for shreddy. They want a pet but are a bit young so this is great!

on October 05, 2018  Casgirl97  591 said:

My daughter would love this.

on September 27, 2018  Babyjen  411 said:

So cute and nice idea! We hope we get picked as our apartment does not allow us to have real pet so an interactive pet toy would be nice for my kids.

on September 26, 2018  Reviewer Cass  757 said:

This looks so cute! My kids play with interactive toys like this daily! I am so jealous that toys like this weren't around when I was their age!!

on September 23, 2018  AlexNDarbyMom  1,153 said:

My kids would both absolutely be head over heals to get to try one of these(or all of these!!) and believe me my kids are very dedicated to toys and how they operate, even finding new ways they weren’t supposed to function or be used lol #discoverzoomer

on September 23, 2018  olga garcis said:

awesome interactive bunny. Really help develop young ones imagination and motor skills...

Awesome !!!!@@@@@@

on September 21, 2018  Angie Powell  681 said:

I know my.kids and grandson would have a blast trying this interactive pet out. They love things like this so it would be right up their alley

on September 21, 2018  Angelasherie  784 said:

My kids would love a chance at trying this! Thanks Family Rateda

on September 21, 2018  Angelasherie  784 said:

My kids would love a chance to try this. They love all animals

on September 21, 2018  Angelasherie  784 said:

My kids( all really!) Would LOVE these toys! Thanks Family Rated for a chance at trying then!

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