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    July 28, 2016

    This is unlike most hair straighteners I have seen in the past. It takes the best of both worlds – a brush and a straightener – to actually make your hair look amazing.

    It is lightweight and comfortable to hold – and the cord is typical for its price range (not too thin, but not super thick either).

    Once it is plugged in, you press the On Button for 3 seconds, and it heats up to 180 degrees within a minute. At this point, you can increase the heat to meet your hair types needs. For myself, I have long thin hair, so I have best and quickest results with 365 degrees Farenheit. If you have curly or thicker hair, you want the temperature closer to 450 degrees. If your hair is in between, 410 degrees is a good fit. You change the temperature on the handle near the power switch – pressing either the plus sign or negative sign depending on which temperature you want.

    My hair is already pretty straight, so my hair goal is to make my hair smooth and get rid of the silly poof thing that happens at the top front of my head. In my pictures below, the left side of my hair was straightened, and the right side was not – you can really see the difference in my problem front head area! It does not really add volume to my hair, but it is the smooth look that I am going for.

    The brush part is ok – I do find the perimeter bristles are a bit rough on the ends if I brush it on the outside of my hair, and they don’t feel so great on my scalp. Hopefully in time this will subside. It does run smoothly through my hair though, making up for the rough edges.

    I use the brush part underneath my hair for best results – and this tends to help with the perimeter bristle issue.

    It also takes quite a while to cool down after turning it off and unplugging it, so do not store it away for at least 30 to 45 minutes after use! It DOES have an auto off if you do forget to turn it off, doing so after an hour.

    For the price point it does its job at a pretty efficient speed.

    *** I received this product at a reduced or no cost for my fair and fabulous review ***

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