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Six Work-Appropriate Spring Skirt Trends

Posted by Catherine | Thursday April 23, 201562 comments

With warmer weather comes shorter hemlines, but it’s hard to remain within the work appropriate guidelines when you’re conflicted between the let’s show off my newly waxed legs mindset and this skirt isn’t THAT short, is it? It’s time to look past your plain pencil skirts (and your old mini) hanging in the closet and reach for one of these hot skirt trends for spring.

(1) Gingham

Bring a little fun picnic vibe into your workplace with this year’s hottest pattern. It’s work appropriate, yet still has a cute look that transitions well to after-work cocktails on the patio.

(2) Cross Front Tulip Shapes

We’ve talked about it before, and we love that it’s returning! Just looking at the name of the skirt you can already tell it’s perfect for spring. Longer on the sides with a little cut in the front makes this skirt look great on all figure types. Just keep that slit PG-13 ;)

(3) Athletic Influence: Silk + Sneakers

Gear up and throw on your trainers to sport this comfortable look perfect for Casual Friday but still packs some style.

(4) Fashionable... Skorts?

Remember those mullet-like skorts with the skirt in the front and the shorts in the back? Someone finally got the memo and now the redesigned Skort finally works as a skirt with hidden shorts underneath just like it should have had all along. Perfect for those unpredictable windy days!

(5) Unconventional Animal Prints

Paws off your cheetah and leopard prints, it’s time for some other animals to have the spotlight!

(6) Belted Midi Skirt

The length says schoolmarm, while the waist detail and fabric options lets you make a totally different statement altogether.

Which skirt trend is catching your eye?

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on May 02, 2015  11kalf  15,452 said:

I love the tulip skirts - I have a black one that I wear all the time and it is super flattering!

on May 02, 2015  reghina  335 said:

(2) Cross Front Tulip Shapes is my favorite

on May 02, 2015  yollyne  3,076 said:

Love the skirts, they are so chic. It's amazing to see that high waist skirts are back as a fashion trend. I like the polka dots short. Absolutely cute and it would look good with a white layered or chiffon shirt

on May 01, 2015  sunnyc  1,214 said:

Love the red/white gingham..I want it!!

on May 01, 2015  catattack  127 said:

OO la la, these skirts are cute and fun

on May 01, 2015  mepark  20,399 said:

I love the tulip shape skirts! I am going to have to go out shopping soon!

on April 30, 2015  maddiemaddie  232 said:

I love these skirts.
I need them all, right this momentoid.

on April 27, 2015  maddie said:

wow great frikkin' article!

on April 27, 2015  JaniceR  2,281 said:

I love the one with the short burgany skirt with the striped shirt and black sandels .....

on April 26, 2015  Sora  4,282 said:

The tulip ones are cute, work appropriate and versatile :D

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