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Staff Picks! Gratuitous Hottie Face Off: Christian Bale vs. Jake Gyllenhaal

Posted by Alexandra C. | Friday November 25, 201141 comments
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Usually, with our Gratuitous Hottie articles, I (Alexandra) get to pick the two sexy men and then because I like the feeling of power, I decide who gets to be crowned 'Hottest of them all'. However, to change it up, I thought I would give some say to the other ChickStaffers. This week, I'm picking one of my all time fave crushes- Jake Gyllenhaal and the fabulous Shiori will pick hers- Christian Bale. Then, because we love to watch some hot man battles, we'll pit them against each other in three rounds- we'll each be rooting for our own pick! After three grueling rounds, one man will be left standing! 

Round 1: Nice Guy vs. Bad Boy 
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Alexandra: Jake Gyllenhaal is the type of nice guy you want to take home to your mom and dad for Christmas dinner. And he'd probably bring the mashed potatoes too- 'cause he's adorable like that. Bale would probably just scream at everyone there. 

Shiori: As we already know from Gratuitous Hottie: Gossip Girl edition, I like my men on the darker side. Bale has that edginess that I find very attractive. 

Winner: We decided to go to an impartial third party for this decision. Mandy says, "Nice boys are better" which is good enough for us! Jake wins! 

Round 2: Who has the nicer eyes? 
(images via idolpapers.com, people.com)

Alexandra: I think Jake Gyllenhaal has the nicer eyes- they're big and blue and he reminds me of a puppy dog in the best possible way. I think Bale's eyes are too squinty- like an evil shark. 

Shiori: I'm all about the hazel-green eyes. They're unique and I want to stare into them all day long. 

Winner: We (mostly, I, Alexandra) thinks that this round goes to Jake because his ocean blues eyes are most definitely something we'd (i.e. I'd) like to take a swim in. 

Round 3: Who looks better with a little scruff on 'em? 
(images via justjared.buzznet.com, celebitchy.com)

Alexandra: I won't lie- I love a nice scruffy beard. The bigger the better. I absolutely love the beard of Jake- I think he looks so rough and still so cute at the same time. 

Shiori: I prefer just a bit of a five o' clock shadow - so that he doesn't look dirty and gross (*hem hem* Jake Gyllenhaal...) 

Winner: Alexandra's preference for big beards seems to be isolated to just her so this round's winner is Christian Bale! Even she has to admit that Bale's scruff is pretty sexy. 

And the winner is.... Jake Gyllenhaal! Alexandra is very happy about the outcome of the (totally unbiased, of course) competition! 

Do you agree? Disagree? Have another hottie in mind? Let us know by leaving a comment below! 
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on December 30, 2011  Empress_AliFu  1,401 said:

i'm not into either of these guys/haven't really watched movies with them, but christian has my vote.. the other guy looks dischevelled and child-like..

on December 16, 2011  mela86  2,943 said:

Christian Bale, and it's even better that he was a great Batman!

on December 06, 2011  bambiluna  293 said:

I love Jake! His role in Good Girl was so strange but like, weirdly captivating. I don't think I've ever seen Christian in anything but still, Jake definitely deserved this championship;)

on December 03, 2011  Lynn hall  3,007 said:

Definately Christian Bale

on December 02, 2011  slaroche  1,432 said:

lol, wrong movie

on December 02, 2011  slaroche  1,432 said:

Jake is an amazing looking man. I would kiss him upside down.

on December 01, 2011  soogood  1,193 said:

I prefer Christian Bale !!!

on December 01, 2011  BarginQueen  553 said:

Christian Bale exudes sex appeal with or without facial hair! He's the winner!

on November 30, 2011  spoony  10,884 said:

Hands down Gyllenhaal. Easy.

on November 30, 2011  alexandra dlc  1,236 said:

Bale for sure. Jake is good looking but has a baby face.

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