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#Trending: Human Barbie, a no brainer?

Posted by Christina | Thursday February 27, 201415 comments

A 38 year old woman from California is undergoing hypnotherapy to make her less intelligent in hopes to turn into the next human Barbie. Wait, what? Is that even possible to decrease your IQ? Well, yes and apparently it's working! If the multiple plastic surgeries weren't enough for Blondie Bennet, she's hoping to dumb herself down enough so that she will not only look like Barbie, but think like her. I don't know how dumb Barbie is, considering she posted a whole essay on her website talking about the recent Sports Illustrated cover, but Blondie has big hopes and even bigger boobs. (They're  32JJ.....)
"When people ask why I want to be Barbie, I think: Who wouldn't want to be? She has the best life. All she does is shop and make herself look pretty – she doesn't worry about anything." Blondie Bennet told the Metro
This isn't the first time the world is hearing about a human Barbie. Ever heard of Valeria Lukyanova? It's okay, I didn't either until Google helped me. She's a 23 year old woman from the Ukraine who dubbed herself the human Barbie, when she became YouTube famous for her doll-like appearance. Unlike Blondie, Valeria only claims to have had one plastic surgery to achieve the famous Barbie look. Instead of dumbing herself down, Valeria considers herself an intellectual in extraterrestrial thinking. 

Take a look at the Barbie twins below.

There's nothing wrong with these women wanting to be Barbie, I'm sure every girl once had the fantasy of meeting Ken and living in a Barbie dream house. But I don't remember Barbie being dumb or stupid, Barbie always took on "smarter" roles like being a teacher, vet, president, and so many other empowering careers. Sure she shopped, and my Barbie always looked fabulous - but never dumb. I'm pretty sure my Barbie graduated with honors and has a fab shoe collection, but I digress. As long as both women are happy in the skin they're in (pun intended) that's all that matters!

What do you think of these Barbie girls? Do they have wrong ambitions? 
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on May 05, 2016  jmca  9,219 said:

scary and wrong

on March 30, 2015  CharlieGirl  2,372 said:

Dumbing yourself down to be like Barbie? I thought Barbie was encouraging girls to be themselves and not to focus on your body image? These women are getting and sending the wrong message and I think they look horrible and even creepy. They should have spend the money somewhere else, that's just a waste if you ask me.

on March 25, 2014  smiley_gen  9,832 said:

I had heard of Natalia Lukyanova before and have spent hours on her page mortified! The worst part is that there are a few of her.... ikes! Natalia's looks are more of the like of anime or the Bratz I find...But as for Blondie, sheesh, she may have the legs and the hair but that's about it! There's an article I read and it impossible to get a Barbie body.... her head would be bigger then her waist, her wrists would be 3.5 inch and her ankles at 6-inch. As far as holding up her entire body, it'd be an entirely impossible! She would require to walk on all fours! Smarten up lady... oh wait...! lol!
I guess she really didn't need hypno therapy and whom ever is doing it for her should loose their license!

P.S. How can you call Barbie dumb when she's a Doctor, a Vet, a Nurse, a Teacher....and the list goes on!


on March 03, 2014  sandhur  29,498 said:

The one on the left, her face looks animated. She should be in a Disney movie. The one on the right should just stop with the surgeries.

on March 01, 2014  imfeehily  8,865 said:

So sad. I bet they have self esteem issues. I wonder how much work went into making them look like that. Would they really find a man that will love and respect them for who they are?

on March 01, 2014  Steffikah  9,235 said:

Whatever floats their boat... though it's making the whole idea of a healthy body image much harder to maintain and adhere to. Kids are going to see these grown women doing all of this, and then what? They'll want to be like them. It's one thing to dye one's hair and do one's makeup to look Barbie-esque, it's totally another to do what this 38 year old is doing and get multiple surgeries including one to dumb herself down to Barbie standards... what's wrong with looking like Barbie if you must, but still being smart?

on February 28, 2014  wendyroy  25,308 said:

I think the money could be better spent on therapy of another kind...so...you want to be even stupider?

on February 28, 2014  KatelynRose1984  20,704 said:

I would of never thought the girl on the left was actually a real person. She looks fake! Almost like an anime character. The woman on the right - no thanks.

on February 27, 2014  dreamer  1,442 said:

I wouldn't want to play with a Blondie Bennet doll. She looks way too old for 38 & it looks like she would tip over with those boobs. Valeria Lukyanova has mastered the art of makeup as I've seen many Japanese girls with their anime big eyes. She looks great (for dressup/halloween) but again what happens when she starts aging?

As for the hypnotherapy to be dumber, really? She must have way too much disposable income. Maybe she should consider buying some plastic Barbies for all the less fortunate children - oh wait, that would be a smart move!

Maybe now it's politically correct to say, "I've had a Blondie Bennet moment!"

on February 27, 2014  MsBeautifulSam  2,733 said:

I seen a post somewhere about these girls a while ago and I think what they are doing is wrong. I think everyone should be themselves and not what they see on T.V and social media. I do think this might be a mental health issue and I wouldn't suggest anyone doing this to themselves. Curves are better no matter what size or who your are. BE YOURSELF!

I am afraid of these people and it scares me. Just my opinion! Sorry :(

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