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We Love Fridays: Dirty Duck Soap

Posted by Alexandra C. | Friday October 11, 20135 comments

If you know me, you know that I loooovveee a good ol' chunk of meat. A nice, juicy steak or a moist pork tenderloin, I'm all up on that. Now, my love for meats can even extend to my beauty routine! Through the grapevine, or rather, the meatvine (lame, I know), I heard about Dirty Duck Soap. This soap is all natural and made from the fats of game meats like duck, pork or chicken. Sound crazy? Remind you of that scene in Fight Club?

Well, here's the thing: fats are pretty moisturizing and emollient and are actually commonplace in the beauty industry. The best thing about these soaps is that they're made by the Algonquin College's Culinary Program with their leftover fats. By retaining this animal fat and processing it, students have been able to create bars of soap which are then sold as a natural hygiene product. Every time the students prepare duck confit or prime rib, or make a stock, the residual fat is collected, separated, and turned into one of seven varieties of all-natural soaps. The fats would otherwise go unused, but with the Dirty Duck Soap, they are re-purposed which makes it responsibly and sustainably produced. Everything is local, even other businesses have started to donate their fats to give the students a hands on learning experience. Plus, YOU get clean! Win - Win.

In addition to the fat, the soaps have added spices or essential oils which make them smell fabulous. My absolute favourite of the soaps is the Cafe au Confit, made with pork, duck, cinnamon and coffee grounds. The coffee grounds are awesome for exfoliation. It's not your typical soap scent: it's a bit spicier but with fall upon us, I'm digging the warmness. 

The soaps are C$4.00 each and are available online. Read more of my review right over here.
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on November 13, 2013  crowjane37  4,838 said:

laylaxo : originally ALL soap was made from fats! Back in the day (before electricity, mass merchandising), farmers' wives would collect all the leftover fats from making food (from their own animals, as was the norm) and turned them into GREAT soaps that cost them nothing extra, at a time when money was sometimes nothing more than a dream.

Watch FIGHT CLUB or read the book by Chuck Pahlaniuk for more information, and a GREAT entertaining, twisted read!

Check out www.greenbeaver.com for another of Canada's great natural soap companies!

on October 11, 2013  imfeehily  8,865 said:

Love the branding.

on October 11, 2013  layalxo  2,468 said:

I have never heard of fat soaps, that sounds great for your skin though. They're also not expensive so maybe they're worth a try!

on October 11, 2013  fredamans  11,163 said:

Cute names for the soaps.

on October 11, 2013  takoda  28,497 said:

I love home made soaps and have tried a lot over this past year or so. I'll have to give some of these a try, thanks. I just hope my dog doesn't think I'm a burger after I've showered and starts chasing me around the house.LOL

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