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We Love Fridays: Make Your Home #TotesAdorbs with Imm Living

Posted by Alexandra C. | Friday March 21, 20149 comments

I happened upon Imm Living products at an Interior Design showcase and every time I laid eyes on something, I turned to my friend to exclaim, 'OMG. So. Cute.'. 

Imm Living is a design company that creates whimsical, adorable, inspired pieces for the home. Everything from wine stoppers to dishes to photo frames. It's clean and minimalist without being boring. A pop of colour and a little detail goes a long way. 

Of course, a picture is worth a thousand words, so instead of me yammering away, take a gander at some of the pieces yourself: 

(Images via http://immbassador.imm-living.com)
If given the opportunity, I think I would do some major credit card damage if I shopped here. It's just so darn cute. I can't even, chicks. 

Doesn't this line seem like something Gwyneth Paltrow would find #totesadorbs? I like to picture myself living in a very clean, put together space with a few of these choice designs, instead of my current situation: broken down futon couch from IKEA and dirty clothes on the floor. Le sigh.
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on September 26, 2015  Kylee  40,914 said:

These are sooo adorable and I would totally love some of these pieces in my home! I especially love the cat tray that is so neat and I collect everything cat, I love cats :) I'm glad I saw this article. Thanks Chick Advisor!!

on December 15, 2014  Onimiki  3,409 said:

Cute! :)

on March 25, 2014  imfeehily  8,865 said:

Nice, but I have a 4 year old.

on March 25, 2014  smiley_gen  9,832 said:

I'm kinda finding it tacky...sorry!!
I think the only thing i like it the bowl with the pink inside

on March 25, 2014  crowjane37  5,498 said:

i Love the dinosaur!! GRRRoooaaaarrr!!!!!

on March 24, 2014  boxcat  861 said:

Love everything on here! Really wish their website was also an online store though.

on March 24, 2014  takoda  28,648 said:

Cute, I like the deer and the anchor I just don't have any room left to add to my collection. ;)LOL

on March 22, 2014  sandhur  29,498 said:

I like the anchor

on March 21, 2014  flower  4,433 said:

I like the cat

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