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New Offer on FamilyRated / Nouvelle Offre sur FamilyRated: Vileda ProMist MAX

Posted by Julie | Monday March 5, 201839 comments
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FamilyRated is giving 200 lucky families the chance to try the Vileda ProMist MAX Spray Mop.
Want to learn more? Head on over to FamilyRated for all the details on how your family could be one of the lucky ones!

You must be a FamilyRated member to apply (membership is free). Not all applicants will qualify. FamilyRated is the sole decision maker for who is selected based on eligibility requirements, and reserves the right to disqualify any participant for any reason. 

FamilyRated offre à 200 familles la chance d'essayer la vadrouille à jet ProMist MAX de Vileda.

Envie d'en savoir plus? Rendez-vous sur FamilyRated.com pour connaître tous les détails de cette offre et savoir comment votre famille pourrait les tester gratuitement:


Vous devez être membre FamilyRated pour vous inscrire (l'inscription est gratuite). L'inscription à une offre ne garantit pas d'être sélectionné pour y participer. FamilyRated est la seule entité capable de prendre la décision pour les membres sélectionnés selon des critères déterminés, et se réserve le droit de disqualifier quelconque participant pour toute raison que ce soit.

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on March 14, 2018  tiger123  5,133 said:

J'aimerais tellement essayer cette superbe vadrouille pour mon plancher de bois #viledapromistmax

on March 13, 2018  laydnikz1  283 said:

would love to try this

on March 12, 2018  EveryOption  4,036 said:

fingers crossed

on March 08, 2018  christinekitty  6,359 said:

I cant wait till they send out the selected participants for this offer...I am literally dreaming about how much this would help around the house...(Pick me PLEASEEEEE) :D

on March 06, 2018  Nessi  17,257 said:

With two youngs kids and tons of messes we definetly need this mop ! Quick and easy to clean up without havig to fill a big bucket ! #viledapromistmax

on March 05, 2018  JenLiz  5,512 said:

My Hubby is a little messy in the kitchen and I’d love to put this to the test.

on March 05, 2018  OceanSunrise  71,469 said:

The Vileda ProMist MAX would simplify my life. What a handy cleaning tool that everyone won't mind using. Thanks @familyrated for this opportunity! Cleaning made easy works for me.

on March 05, 2018  jmca  8,477 said:

I'd like to try this!

on March 05, 2018  febreze  1,294 said:

Comme j'aimerais vraiment faire partie de ceux qui auront la chance de tester ce produit Vileda! #croisantlesdoigts #ViledaProMistMax #FamilyRated

on March 05, 2018  apryl  704 said:

I would love to try this product the mop I have is falling apart. I clean house and businesses. Of course my own house. Hope i get to try this one

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