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  Member Since:  January 12, 2019
Hi there!! I am a 43 year old LADY (lol!!) with excellent taste in design, fashion, look books, and everything aesthetically pleasing to the eye. i am also an artist in clay as well as acrylic and watercolor. i see myself as a canvas and enjoy creating "art' in my everyday appearance. Please do NOT misconstrue this and think that i look "eclectic" or "eccentric. although that is great too, it is not my personal style to stand out on that level. Instead, i pay attention to EVERY LITTLE DETAIL, and everything is chosen for a reason, no matter how inconsequential it may seem. I believe everything matters when completing a work of art, whether it be a painting, a living room, or a lunch date with the girls that might include a chance to meet men; but Im dressing as though uninterested, but not not so much to seem unapproachable if the situation called for it, and still respectable to the other ladies at the table who might be not super closse friends and catty to those women who "out dress " them and take to quiet offence or intimidation.. meaning they aren't comfortable around you because overdressing even a tad sexually will be noticed immediately by women and usual taken as either a threat, or hurtful because aren't you supposed to be out with your friends for lunch, not just using our friends as a base for man-jumping? (Which OF COURSE your'e not, but on a caveman level some woman will instinctual fee this way and will have a hard time trusting you) So how to achieve a look that can jump all those hurdles and is still YOU,personalized, not just a copy? Now what necklace/scarf/shoes/nail polish, can convey THAT complicated message? Well i know can tell you! I think its because I'm an artist at heart with a few Human Psychology credits under my belt, it comes naturally because i love it!!
Im open to ANY questions you may have, or advice you need, or just to say HI!! Anna Delany

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