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on May 02, 2017  Amanda112  25,564 said:

Yes I loved my first topbox, so much so that I went ahead and bought the limited edition kit they had for sale, which came last week! It was fabulous, and I got another email on the weekend for another LE kit for around $30 and I bought that one too.
This time I did get an email asking about which upcoming box I would prefer and about the Prive? box. I picked a couple that I liked, but also said that I would accept a regular box too.
I am addicted!! lol
Did you pick a special box for May as well?

on April 14, 2017  Amanda112  25,564 said:

Hey.. have you seen the 2 items that TopBox has revealed so far? If not, I won't spoil it, I am really looking forward to one in particular though.
Anyway hope your assignments went well and you got them finished for the deadline!
Happy Easter!

on April 14, 2017  Mfornalik  10,402 said:

Hopefully they don't get too huge that's it isn't as fun as it is now. I find that at this size I have time to comment and review and stuff. Even to read the posts and such. I've told a few people about it and they are like, something like that exists? Best find of the year.

Where do you live?

on April 14, 2017  Mfornalik  10,402 said:

How long have you been on here? Are you enjoying it?

on April 10, 2017  diannamerritt  16,646 said:

Dianna Merritt

on April 06, 2017  lisahud2  638 said:

Thank you for accepting my friend request , I hope you have a great weekend

on April 06, 2017  danaorgnero  26,294 said:

Oh girl, I'm not creeped out at all :) followed you back on Pinterest!

on April 04, 2017  Amanda112  25,564 said:

Great, thank you - you have been a great help!
Yes, I filled out my beauty profile, just after I paid for it. I will watch for emails towards the end of the month. Do you know what products are in this months?

on April 04, 2017  Amanda112  25,564 said:

I already paid for the money, and signed up for them to take the money out monthly, so I am am assuming I am not on the wait list?

on April 04, 2017  Amanda112  25,564 said:

Thanks. I just signed up too. Have you received an email from them?
I have been reading some feedback and subscribers are talking about how they to pick a few of the items in their box, or get to select a box with only 2 items, but both are full size, as appose to 4-5 sample size. I haven't received any emails from them, beside my confirmation.

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