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Nestlé Good Start 1 My overall rating
Nestlé Good Start 1 Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!

Enfamil A+ Ready To Feed Formula My overall rating
Enfamil A+ Ready To Feed Formula Recommended? You Betcha!

Enfamil A My overall rating
Enfamil A Recommended? You Betcha!

Pampers Natural Clean Wipes My overall rating
Pampers Natural Clean Wipes Recommended? You Betcha!

Honest Company Diapers My overall rating
Honest Company Diapers Recommended? You Betcha!

Spam Hot and Spicy My overall rating
Spam Hot and Spicy Recommended? You Betcha!

Disney's Up My overall rating
Disney's Up Recommended? You Betcha!

Spam My overall rating
Spam Recommended? You Betcha!

Grace Corned Beef My overall rating
Grace Corned Beef Recommended? You Betcha!

Always Regular Ultra Thin with Flexi-Wings My overall rating



2023-09-28 21:20:42

June 20, 2015 

Thanks so much for accepting my #ChickAdvisor friendship looking forward to reading your reviews hope your having a nice weekend !!!
 Thank You

2023-09-28 21:20:42

June 18, 2015 

Hi I just sent you a #ChickAdvisor friend request hope you accept. Ginger and Oceansunrise are my friends also they are such nice women. Have a Great Day !!! Thanks Christine
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2023-09-28 21:20:42

June 17, 2015 

Hello Carolyn, It was sweet of you to send me a friend request. I hope that you are enjoying reviewing at ChickAdvisor. I can see that you jumped right in. You will meet such friendly and supportive Chicks who will make your experience that more rewarding. Congratulations on your soon to be bundle of joy. What a priceless feeling it will be to hold your newborn in your arms for the very first time. Cherish every moment and take many photos and videos.As you know, there are many websites that offer freebies. Here are just a few that I can think of. I hope that they help you. Have yourself a lovely day! Take care and keep smiling! ;-) http://www.enfamil.ca/user/register?gclid=COqxn7rtlsYCFYVDaQodDykArQhttps://www.nestle-baby.ca/en/register/begin?gclid=CJeG1qPulsYCFQ-SaQodvYIAvQhttps://www.nobabyunhugged.huggies.com/http://motherofadeal.com/tip/newborn-and-baby-freebies-in-canada/https://www.huggies.com/en-ca#expecting-momhttp://www.savealoonie.com/samples-freebies/baby-kids-samples-freebies/http://www.christian-mommies.com/ages/babies/top-10-companies-that-offer-baby-freebies/http://free.ca/blog/free-baby-stuff-in-canada/