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on February 01, 2021  testeursteph  1,506 said:

Bonjour lamurap, j’aime recevoir et tester des produits, si heureux d’avoir trouvé Chick Advisor ... J’aime lire leurs articles et commentaires d’autres membres, comme vous. Bonne journéeBonjour lamurap, j’adore recevoir et testeur des produits, tellement contente d’avoir trouvé Chick Advisor... j’aime beaucoup lire leurs articles et les critiques des autres membres, comme vous. Bonne journee

on May 16, 2018  TwinB  1,243 said:

Lol! We certainly have fun with the whole twin thing! Although, now that we are getting older, we are looking less alike. She's my best friend and I feel blessed to have her as my sister! ❤️
  Thank You

on May 16, 2018  Mah_kal  5,634 said:

nice Glasses
  Cute Picture

on May 15, 2018  TwinB  1,243 said:

Thank-you so much for the friend request! That was really sweet of you!
  Thank You

on May 01, 2018  alexfranchuk  11,367 said:

I stalk your page religiously should not have a question mark after it lol, that is a statement ♥️
  Thank You

on May 01, 2018  alexfranchuk  11,367 said:

Whaaaaat?! No way!! That’s so funny because I have honestly always wondered who you were lol! I stalk your page religiously ? but thanks babe!! ♥️

on April 18, 2018  danaorgnero  26,294 said:

No way! That's too funny! :) Thanks for the message!! I love your insta, you find the best deals! Thanks for the compliment, you're gorgeous!

on April 12, 2018  Ali de Bold said:

Thank you so much for the kind words! I just noticed them now so apologies for the delay. So glad to have you here. Have a great day!

on April 12, 2018  apryl  2,347 said:

Thank you for your pic. Love your glasses

on April 09, 2018  lesliemuir2  9,657 said:

Thank you for the friend add! your profile / reviews are awesome!!!
  Great Advice

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