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on April 12, 2018  apryl  2,347 said:

I would love any tips you could give me for uping my points or for getting chosen for more product reviews.
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on May 11, 2017  diannamerritt  16,646 said:

Hello welcome to ChickAdvisor.

on April 12, 2017  diannamerritt  16,646 said:

Hello :)

on March 08, 2017  honeybee  1,050 said:

Just saw your friend request from before. Thanks :)

on June 08, 2016  Ali de Bold  15 said:

Thank you so much! Enjoy and have a great night!

on June 07, 2016  DeaneB  7,884 said:

Thanks for the friend request!
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on May 13, 2016  jmca  9,174 said:

Enjoy May 2-4 weekend

on May 02, 2016  fredamans  12,237 said:

Thank you! :-)
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on April 16, 2016  wonderwhatif  86,187 said:

I do use Facebook Messenger but if I'm having a bad few days I'll ignore it haha.

I'm pretty tech dumb too so honestly, not even sure about those questions ^_^;;;; My sister hosts me through her domain, but I don't think a domain is necessary when you're first starting out. It can be super hard and annoying to get likes, feel free to like me to your profile and I'll give you a hand by liking some of your helpful reviews!

on April 16, 2016  wonderwhatif  86,187 said:

I'm pretty awful at setting up a blog, but I'd definitely recommend wordpress which has premade templates and is pretty easy to setup, give it a go and message me if you get stuck and I'll do my best to help out ^_^ You're so sweet!

Once you've got it setup I'll talk to you about google adsense, but that's normally not something you can do until you have good numbers or some posts and even then I'm not making much on it haha.

There might be some really big blog owners on the forum who know more. But I would definitely love you to do a guest post on my blog when you get setup and you can link back to your blog!

As for getting setup as an Amazon reviewer, I'd start out reviewing products you've previously bought. Try and do good reviews (though they don't need to be as long as mine). You can check out my profile (https://www.amazon.ca/gp/profile/A2J24BDN68MC1)

I'd say get started with amzreviews.co.uk which does UK, US and Canada. At first you don't get a lot of really good stuff for free, but as you become a better reviewer you'll find more opportunities.

Let me know if you have any questions! (your equally diggy friend) Lorna
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