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on May 30, 2017  lamurap  13,467 said:

Hello there I sent you a friend request. :)

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on April 13, 2017  TamaraKF  561 said:

Didn't get to try the litter. Still haven't hit to try anything that I've applied for. Applied again today. Hopefully one day they will send me something to review.

on April 13, 2017  diannamerritt  16,576 said:


on March 17, 2017  Shystarr79  27,750 said:

I never would have thought about fish oil. I hope it works well and lessens your allergies. I couldn't imagine having such severe allergies. Mine are the the regular runny nose, occassionall red and itchy eyes.etc. I have given our dog coconut oil for a while and it really improved his skin and seemed to lessen dander. I know how you feel about not being able to get rid of your dog. They are almost like family. I feel a bit neglectful since I had my baby cause I don't give my dog or cats as much attention as I used to. Thanks for the good wishes on my pregnancy. I only have thirteen weeks left so I'm feeling quite good. I'm just excited for June to meet my baby girl.

on March 15, 2017  TamaraKF  561 said:

Thank you. I didn't sign up for the other one because they had sold out of samples. I did a few reviews here and requested a sample of the Kitty Litter. Hopefully I get to test it. Spartacus could use a new litter for those rare times he uses the box instead of going outdoors.

on March 09, 2017  danaorgnero  26,294 said:

So awesome that you enjoy reading suspense books too!! Really appreciate the suggestions and am going to check them out :)
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on December 14, 2016  jcb75  11,531 said:

So happy to see you back...you look beautiful!! Glad to hear your meds are under control and that you may be able to get back to work soonish! Sounds like your time away was really good for you, so I'll forgive you for it...THIS TIME lol.

on November 03, 2016  jcb75  11,531 said:

I haven't seen you around in a very long time...I sure hope everything is *somewhat* ok with you! You're missed!!

on August 17, 2016  Sandra Ribeiro  23,325 said:

Really enjoyed your post on "I'm not rich". Well said- totally agree with what you said. Hope you are feeling better. If you need anything let me know. Take care
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on August 14, 2016  Sandra Ribeiro  23,325 said:

How are you?
Thanks Dawn for the info. There are so many brushes to choose from! I will take my time.
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