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  Member Since:  April 5, 2017
I am such a "girly girl". I love frilly, lacey clothing, shoes, purses, and footwear. I don't like leaving my house unless my makeup is perfect. I enjoy wearing clothing that makes me feel younger than my age. When I want to relax, I love to experiment with makeup techniques. I hate paying full price for anything, and love to bargain shop!!!

Makeup is something that I love to browse for. I am just like a kid in a candy store. I have had a love for makeup since I was a little girl.

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Suzie's Good Fats Coconut Chocolate Chip Snack Bar My overall rating

Oatmega Chocolate Coconut My overall rating
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oh yeah ONE protein bar (birthday cake flavour) My overall rating

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Pure Protein Bar Chocolate Deluxe My overall rating
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2019-02-20 04:58:13

January 31, 2019 

Thanks for the friend request. Nice to meet you. :)

2019-02-20 04:58:13
Sandra Ribeiro

January 05, 2019 

Sorry it took so long to reply. I only read your question today. What school do you work at?
I'm supplying this year as an ERW. Cheers!!

2019-02-20 04:58:13

December 31, 2018 

Thanks for the friend request?

2019-02-20 04:58:13

October 19, 2018 

Aww thanks your sweet .

2019-02-20 04:58:13

July 18, 2018 

My Instagram is yellowbus0913. I started following You!!
 Thank You

2019-02-20 04:58:13

July 02, 2018 

Hi...just getting aroundd to reading my mail...so sorry.

2019-02-20 04:58:13

May 17, 2018 

Triplets!? Wow!! That's amazing!! Thank-you so much for your sweet message! My sister and I are identical twins, although as we get older, we look less and less alike. She's my BEST friend, and we've certainly had some fun when we were younger with the whole thing! ?

2019-02-20 04:58:13

May 14, 2018 

You're my first friend!! Lol! Thanks for the friend request!?

2019-02-20 04:58:13

April 29, 2018 

Hi and thank you for the friendship request, it makes me so happy to meet new people. I appreciate your kindness and wish you a lovely new week. ???

2019-02-20 04:58:13

April 12, 2018 

Thanks for the friend request but I don't see any in my profile and not sure how to accept ?