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I love to use the latest greatest beauty products and tells my friends all about them so they can use them as well.

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Schwarzkopf Root Retoucher My overall rating
Schwarzkopf Root Retoucher Recommended? You Betcha!

Premier Protein Chocolate Shake My overall rating
Premier Protein Chocolate Shake Recommended? You Betcha!

Premier Protein Vanilla Shake My overall rating
Premier Protein Vanilla Shake Recommended? You Betcha!

Kealive Ultrasonic Cleaner My overall rating
Kealive Ultrasonic Cleaner Recommended? You Betcha!

NIVEA Men Creme My overall rating
NIVEA Men Creme Recommended? You Betcha!

The Rock Panini Grill My overall rating
The Rock Panini Grill Recommended? You Betcha!

The Rock pots and pans set My overall rating
The Rock pots and pans set Recommended? You Betcha!

Pure Leaf Gunpowder Green Tea Loose Long Leaf My overall rating

Pure Leaf Green Tea with Jasmine, pyramid bags My overall rating

Clairol Age Defy Expert Collection Hair Colour My overall rating



2018-05-27 23:24:21

July 15, 2017 

Great reviews hun
 Good Writer

2018-05-27 23:24:21

August 26, 2013 

Make sure you have a good seal with both top and bottom seal, also make sure the close tab is securely down all the way. Hope you have better luck this time. I also recommended them to my mother-in-law and she loves them.

2018-05-27 23:24:21

August 26, 2013 

Morning katieg's, I noticed that you tried the Ziploc space bags and gave it a good review. I also had one sent to me to try out, but I didn't have any luck with mine. I put two blankets in mine and tried sucking the air out three time's, but each time the air just came right back into it. I could hear the air going right back into my bag each time I tried it, but I couldn't find out where it was getting in at. I was wondering what you put in your bag and if it made a difference? I was going to give it a bad review, but when I saw your review this morning I thought I'd ask you if filling it with clothing would make a difference before I did.

Oh and by the way, I agree with you about the Targets store in Canada. They opened one in Windsor last winter and it stinks! It's just a glorified
Zeller's! I thought they might give WalMart a run for their money until
I went there and saw their prices. Everything in the one hear is priced
higher as well and even their sales aren't very good. Everyone I've talked to down hear also agrees with us that their prices stink.

Any how give me a shout back when you get a
chance and let me know if you think I'm doing something wrong with my
space bag. I hope you have a nice day and enjoy what's left of our summer.

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