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on February 01, 2021  testeursteph  1,506 said:

Hello lamurap, I love to receive and test products, so happy to have found Chick Advisor ... I love reading their articles and reviews from other members, like you. Good day. Bonjour lamurap, j'adore recevoir et tester des produits, tellement contente d'avoir trouvé Chick Advisor...j'aime beaucoup lire leurs articles et les reviews des autres membres, comme vous. Bonne journee
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on February 10, 2020  Mel1960  407 said:

Thanks for the message.
3 years and only chosen for 1 review?! That's outrageous.
Any other sites you can recommend?
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on December 02, 2019  terrimayyc121  6,079 said:

your welcome

on April 09, 2019  Amanda112  25,564 said:

That is incredibly kind of you - thank you very much for the note. <3

Yes it has been the most difficult time of my life, he was in palliative care for the last 3-4 weeks before he passed and it was just heart breaking, watching day by day as he slowly got worse and worse. Along with being there with him during the day I also spent a lot of nights sleeping on a cot in his room and I am thankful for that, we were able to have some one on one time, have some heart to hearts, watch movies and eat popcorn, and just spend time together before he slipped into a coma. It was a month ago today, and it still feels like yesterday. Thank you again, xoxo
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on March 29, 2019  chrissyann123  85,989 said:

Thanks so much for your compliment. It was for a biotherm skincare product I reviewed. It is getting harder to take a good picture the older I get lol Have a Lovely Weekend xo

on January 31, 2019  conigliobianco  4,422 said:

Thanks for the friend request. Nice to meet you. :)

on January 05, 2019  Sandra Ribeiro  23,325 said:

Sorry it took so long to reply. I only read your question today. What school do you work at?
I'm supplying this year as an ERW. Cheers!!

on December 31, 2018  tricia77  1,407 said:

Thanks for the friend request?

on October 19, 2018  Sherriwolf  19,819 said:

Aww thanks your sweet .

on July 18, 2018  yellowbus07  1,294 said:

My Instagram is yellowbus0913. I started following You!!
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