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on August 10, 2016  sandrusia  46,067 said:

Happy August already!!
Summer is passing us by literally :)

It has been great so many hot & sunny days , therefore can NOT complain hee hee :)
Hope all is well!

just noticed your photo with celebrity Ryan Gosling
haha cutie he is!
was that in Yorkville?
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on April 05, 2016  jmca  9,099 said:

friend request sent

on March 24, 2016  wonderwhatif  85,638 said:

Thanks for the tips! I'm definitely gonna consider it for my next vacation, though who knows when that'll be ^_^

on March 17, 2016  Stephs.fav.stuff  32,094 said:

Hey Lady!! I just added you on twitter.
I'm such a newbie haha, I would appreciate
it if you followed me back @_Simone_B.
Thanks! Cheers.
  Thank You

on March 09, 2016  wonderwhatif  85,638 said:

Cuba again?!? :O I've always wanted to go, but don't really know anything about it. Growing up in Scotland it was quite far, but now I'm in Canada it's looking like a great option for a vacation. Any tips?

on March 09, 2016  Cuppedcakes  15,375 said:

HI! I appreciate your advice in the constant stomach ache forum and wanted to let you know I've sent a friend request! Looking forward to reading your reviews
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on March 01, 2016  wonderwhatif  85,638 said:

Sent you a friend request :)

on March 01, 2016  sandrusia  46,067 said:

looking forward to more reviews as well as forum discussions

and ofcourse more sampling!! :D

spring cleaning
  Great Advice

on February 07, 2016  charbella2  38,892 said:

Hope you had a nice weekend:)

on January 26, 2016  Beautifully  12,926 said:

Thanks. You're welcome :)
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