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  Member Since:  October 16, 2017
I'm 50 yrs old, a bit disabled with permanent nerve damage & protruding discs the last 9 yrs. It hasn't stopped me from doing most things I enjoy accept working unfortunately. I'm a Mom, a Grandmother, a Sister & daughter who enjoys Fine Arts & traveling, sharing products & ideas on Social media with collectively over 1500 followers on main social media, some accts, I keep private. I lived in 7 states, traveled as far as New Zealand and one of my favorite destinations in the world but I live in a very rural area of Illinois now & enjoy a peaceful and pretty simple lifestyle. I'm a recent vegetarian of 4 months & kicked caffeine this year too so not to many vices. I love music, love seeing live bands & start my day with music meditation every morning. I enter contests as a hobby that began when I became disabled, a way to take my mind off pain and share winnings with family, friends and local charities. I'm a bit of a self proclaimed modern day hippie and a very strong minded woman who has seen, been through alot & pretty much an open book. I enjoy gardening, avid movie watcher & occasional book reader only because my eyesight is starting to go and I'm stubborn to wear bifocals ;) Let's see how I do as a chick adviser as having a 27 yr old daughter, a 39 yr old sister & multi layer aged friends, I think I might be good at it. Cheers ;)

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