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  Member Since:  April 9, 2015
I'm 32, Canadian, and a major foodie. I love running and have 6 half marathons under my belt. I enjoy cleaning and maintaining my home, crafting and decorating. I also have a major sweet tooth.

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2018-05-21 20:40:23

September 07, 2017 

Bonjour Mel , vous donnez de très bon commentaire lâcher pas . Avez-vous un trucs pour monter les échelons et de ce faire des amis . Merci et Bonne journée :)
 Good Writer

2018-05-21 20:40:23

July 11, 2017 

Hi there:

I sent you a friend request!

 Great Advice

2018-05-21 20:40:23

May 09, 2017 

Hello, I have sent u a friend request. U have really good reviews and nice photos. Hope you have an amazing day/night! :) talk soon fellow neighbor. Pleasent reviewing :)

2018-05-21 20:40:23

May 01, 2017 

You give great advice!!
 Great Advice

2018-05-21 20:40:23

April 15, 2017 


2018-05-21 20:40:23

March 25, 2017 

Oh my goodness girl... That's a great news! Congrats on your pregnancy! You take care. All the love to you and your baby. :)

2018-05-21 20:40:23

March 13, 2017 

Friend request sent

2018-05-21 20:40:23

January 11, 2017 

Hello, MelRichard.

I feel weird talking about this on here haha because it's strange, you can email me at sm9185@hotmail.com for the information about the job. I am only an employee and I do not play a role in hiring teachers. I do have a bachelor's degree, so you are already a leg up from me. My name is Saia btw.

It's actually so refreshing hearing someone struggles with allergies as severely as I do. The whole reason I started working from home was actually because my allergies had gotten so bad I was making at least 1 emergency visit a week.

2018-05-21 20:40:23
Sandra Ribeiro

April 17, 2016 

Hi there. Sent you a friend request. Following you on instagram