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on March 01, 2016  sandrusia  46,052 said:


Looks like it is going to be a great month *I hope*

More sampling, testing products, goodies ;)

on February 29, 2016  DEANENE  57,601 said:

You're Welcomed Have a great week as well chat soon

on February 26, 2016  1buzzer  4,794 said:

No problem I didn't end up being able to pay because the pay pal didn't work but I did get the confirmation email. Thanks for the friend invite

on February 25, 2016  1buzzer  4,794 said:

Thanks for getting back to me about the 1$ donation I'm not sure how that worked I went to the campaign page and copied it
Canadian law requires you to pay a nominal fee to receive products that are regulated as drugs. If you choose to join this BzzCampaign, we ask that you make a $1 donation to Dress for Success via this link before we can ship you your BzzKit. This amazing charity helps women across Canada break the cycle of poverty.
  Thank You

on February 22, 2016  Cuppedcakes  15,375 said:

Yay thank you

on February 06, 2016  Milushka  9,980 said:

Thanks for accepting my friend request, sweetie! I absolutely love your profile picture, Marilyn Monroe is one of my favorite fashion and beauty icons!
  Thank You

on February 02, 2016  cindy paige  750 said:

Thanks for becoming my friend. Where do Chicks go to chat on this site. I love your photo !

on February 01, 2016  sandrusia  46,052 said:

hoping for goodies, lots of chocolates and sampling opportunities

on January 14, 2016  martac  9,131 said:

Thank you for the addd :)

on June 27, 2015  OceanSunrise  74,787 said:

Hello prettyrainbow! Thank you so much for the touching compliments! I treat everyone the way I'd like to be treated. It's the only way I know how to live my life. We are all unique and special and deserve to be treated with respect. As you know I enjoy writing/composing. That along with photography are ways that I choose to express myself. I like that you can be yourself at ChickAdvisor and not feel judged or targeted for your beliefs and points of view. I hope that you enjoy your weekend! It's sunny outside and we're getting ready to head out. Sun with no humidity is a real bonus these days. Catch up with you later! Take care and keep smiling! Ciao Bella! ;-)

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