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on October 17, 2016  MissNinja  21,296 said:

Hey Pretty Rainbow.. you added me as a friend a few weeks back I think and I haven't even signed your guestbook.. thanks for adding me. I like your profile, that you know that there are awesome products that you don't need to spend an arm and leg on.. and I live by that too. I am very frugal with my money, but not cheap. I just think, if you put a little extra effort, and use coupons, look for deals, take time to do reviews, etc, it pays off and I am saving for a new Chevy Cruze right now. and I am hoping to have it by next year and without getting a bank loan, so yes, I love seeing affordable products with high quality..

well keep in touch, and awesome profile pic, you remind me of a model from the 50's.. :)

on September 05, 2016  xoliana  12,704 said:

Thank you for your kind words! It is my pleasure having you as a friend on here :)

on August 27, 2016  wonderwhatif  85,638 said:

Thank you so much! Well the free stuff is a big incentive :D:D:D

on August 22, 2016  sandrusia  46,052 said:

Awww thanks glad I can brighten up a day :)

I hope the same! A hot sunny Indian summer!!!
Before I take out those fuzzy furry boots and get ready for intense cold and snow again.
Just that thought makes me shiver!

I will be wearing my summer clothes AND shoes as long as possible ;)

on August 10, 2016  sandrusia  46,052 said:

Happy August already!!
Summer is passing us by literally :)

It has been great so many hot & sunny days , therefore can NOT complain hee hee :)
Hope all is well!

I hope you are enjoying samples / campaigns / the forums :)

come on everyone happy weather = happy people ;)

especially when we all benefit :)

this misery is winter cold misery lol

Everyone should be happy when sunny and warm outside :) i know I definitely amm :)
  Great Taste

on July 03, 2016  Kookai70  25,788 said:

Thanks for the friend request!! Sorry it's so late. Hope you have an awesome day tomorrow!!

on June 01, 2016  susanranni  5,595 said:

Thank you for the really nice comments to me throughout the forums. You really help keep my spirit lifted. Funny thing - your encouragement actually inspired me to get my website up and published. It would still be in draft mode had I not read what you wrote. Thank you <3
  Thank You

on April 08, 2016  Angel198  7,507 said:

Hopefully we go.. The trip hasn't been booked yet. Have a good weekend.
  Good Writer

on April 08, 2016  Angel198  7,507 said:

Thanks for all the info on Montreal!
Hope we can become friends.

on April 05, 2016  jmca  9,045 said:


Enjoy the week

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