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on June 02, 2017  chrissyann123  85,982 said:

I just wanted to say hello. I am so happy you have been getting new campaigns. I seen some of your comments in the community. I hope everything is going good for you and your family. I have been lucky too with new campaigns. I hope your Spring and Summer is wonderful. Happy Weekend . Take Care Christine

on June 02, 2017  lamurap  13,211 said:

Hello Prettyrainbow:

I have been in the education system for sixteen years. I started off supplying as an ERW (Educational Resource Worker) working with special needs students from K-12. I did that for eleven years and then when full day kindergarten was introduced I got hired full-time as a RECE (Registered Early Childhood Educator). I love my new role because I see such much growth in the kids over the two years that they are in our class. It gives me so much satisfaction that I play a role in teaching them how to read and write, as well as simple math strategies.

Where do you live?

Do you teach for Public, or Catholic School Board?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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on May 29, 2017  lamurap  13,211 said:

Hi Prettyrainbow:

I was wondering what grade you are currently teaching?

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on May 29, 2017  Jennymac1980  5,663 said:

Thanks for adding me as a friend!
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on May 17, 2017  alex099  8,738 said:

same to you :)
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on May 16, 2017  alex099  8,738 said:

Hi my name is alexandra thanks for the add im loving the picture you have as your profile pic i love marilyn monroe i hope your having fun on chickadvisor
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on May 06, 2017  lamurap  13,211 said:

Hello Prettyrainbow:

My name is Patty, and I live in Acton, Ontario. I sent you a friend request.

Your profile photo is absolutely gorgeous!! :D,

on April 14, 2017  Mfornalik  10,402 said:

She is beautiful and natural! :)

And thanks, it's one of the rare ones I have of myself I like.

on April 14, 2017  Mfornalik  10,402 said:

Such a classy photo! Very Marilyn Monroe!

on April 13, 2017  diannamerritt  16,504 said:


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