I'm 26 years old, and live in Red Sex Nation. I love beauty and everything that has to do with it. Fashion is something that gives me a chance to let you know who I am. It allows me to be creative in many ways, shapes and forms. It's a blessing that I live in a city that offer's some of the best fashion stores in the World. I love giving advice on makeup, fashion, music etc. One of my favorite tv shows right now has to be Homeland! Keeps bringing me back for more! Some other things I love would be, walking with my new found best friend Buster:-) He's my 2 year old Boxer whom I love!, hanging out with my family and friends, being with my fiance, Summer/Fall are my favorite seasons, pink/purple/white and black are my favorite colors, and some of my favorite music to listen to would Beyonce, Rihanna, jazz music, hip hop and rap. Last but not least..give me a bottle of wine on a cold snowy night with a warm fire place in front of me with the person I love, and that has to be my favorite thing.

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