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on May 12, 2014  Petersgirl  8,414 said:

Once again thank you! You sound tired, hope all is OK. You don' need to respond to this unless you are OK. I really appreciate all the help yo have given me so far, and will probably have to call on you for future advice.
  Thank You

on May 12, 2014  Petersgirl  8,414 said:

Mother's Day was beautiful, I was thoroughly spoiled, how about you? Then I went on to my Mom's and made her a good supper and had a real long visit. Sorry to here about your arm, is there nothing you can do to regain the use of it? Wish I could help out in some way. I do have a question regarding some of the other badges,ie "girl on the go", Fabreze" etc. Are these special badges that only come up once in awhile?
Hope all goes well with the arm, take care and once again thank you!
  Thank You

on May 11, 2014  Petersgirl  8,414 said:

Takado, thank you for the great advice. Like you I want to read an honest review, and the more info the better as long as it is pertinent to the product. I don't want to beat up on a product but I do want to have my say. You have given me a lot of good advice today, and I thank you so much. I am pretty new to this but love having a say, in hopes that some products will get improved upon. Hope you have a great Mother's day, I am just heading over to my daughter-in-laws to have a Mother's Day Brunch with my daughter bringing the Samosa's. My Mom didn't want to come, she's 89 so I guess she doesn't have to if she doesn't want to. I am going over to her house after to make her a lobster dinner (just little ones, already cooked but she loves lobster and I hope they turn out well, (had to google up on how to break the shell's etc. Wish me luck) Thank you once again for your lovely reply and all the advise.
  Thank You

on May 11, 2014  Petersgirl  8,414 said:

Just read some of your reviews and your guestbook. I am amaze at the amount of points you have accumulated and love your posts on the guestbook. Such a nice lady. I'd love to be classified as one of you friends. I have only been a reviewer for about a moth and love it, it is fun and I get to be honest and open about how I feel about the products which is excellent. Do you have any hints for me, I try to do a good job but don't know if I should shorten some of my reviews or if the more I write the better. Any advise at all would be appreciated.
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on September 18, 2013  Ali de Bold said:

Hi Takoda thanks so much for your kind words! I thought I had responded but it appears I did not. You are such a thoughtful person. I really appreciate it! This was a much better birth experience. Having a scheduled csection was so much easier than doing labour plus emergency. Even the recovery was significantly faster. I'm so thrilled with my two kids. What a blessing! Hope all is well with you and your family. Xoxo

on June 20, 2013  Ali de Bold said:

Aww! I'm sure your haircut is awesome. I recently cut my hair too and have been having a hard time getting used to it. Long hair is much easier to style! Would love to see a picture of it. Your Mom looks amazing. What a great gene pool you have going for you! She doesn't have a wrinkle on her face. Whatever cream she is using, set me up!

on May 31, 2013  mamaluv said:

Hi Takoda,

Actually I think a blue liner will look great on your brown eyes. Just check out some of Alexandra's makeup tutorials on our site. I'm quite sure she's worn lots of blue before. It is one of the best of the bright colours for your eye shade after all :)

The lipstick is by Quo, but that's as much info as I can dig up. Maybe if you visit the website here you can narrow it down?

You could also review it in a more general way here:
http://www.chickadvisor.com/search/all/?q=quo lip

Just review it under its category, so if it's a lipstick or a lip gloss, that's probably enough information for most people. The shade itself is not as important since as you obviously know colour is a very personal choice. I think the other reviewers will be most interested in how nicely it wears, like long lasting, comfort, etc.

Hope that helps!

on May 30, 2013  mamaluv said:

Great news! Thanks for letting me know, and I really hope you enjoy the products. You deserve them :)

on May 24, 2013  mamaluv said:

You're right, it's a lot easier to stay in touch these days! I am sad that letter writing is becoming a lost art though.

on May 24, 2013  mamaluv said:

Yes, we are Canadian so we're moving back home. It's a good thing for our family because our kids miss their cousins and grandparents! It will be hard to leave though. We've been here for quite a few years and have lots of friends. But it will all be worth it in the end!

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