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on May 24, 2013  mamaluv said:

LOL no kidding, right? Actually we're getting ready to move back to Canada this summer :)

on May 23, 2013  mamaluv said:

Thanks for the update! I live in the US right now so am not eligible :(
  Thank You

on May 22, 2013  mamaluv said:

I will certainly check into your prize mailing for you!

on May 22, 2013  mamaluv said:

It's a great pic of you two! I recognized the shirt because I might possibly have a few of those same T-shirts myself ;)

on May 22, 2013  mamaluv said:

Love the new pic of you Takoda! Nice shirt, too ;)

on May 15, 2013  babypiggy_83  7,321 said:

Hi Donna, I think it only took that long is because they had to wait to get the prizes from said companies to get to them first, then mail them to me. Hope you're having a great day, I've got to go to school tonight, and I'll be done supposedly on June 3rd. I only go to school on Mondays and Wednesdays; I'm still trying to get that grade 12, lol. After that, I'll have plenty of time to do more things on here, lol. I do hope you're enjoying the great weather, as I am. Yes, please, do let me know what you won, I'm curious. I always like to get surprises, and hopefully like I said, it'll be something that you can use, most time it is though. Talk to you later.

on May 08, 2013  babypiggy_83  7,321 said:

Wow! Sorry to hear that about BzzAgent. Sorry to hear you re having some crap luck. So it was YOU who won for the Oral Care reviews of the week, congrats. Let me know what you won when you DO get it. I ve won twice so far, and both times it took just over a month to get them in the mail. Hopefully whatever you win, you can use them, otherwise, send it my way, lol. Just kidding. After every week, i m always checking my email to see if i won, and get a little bummed when i don t. but, i know there ll always be another week and product to review and chance. i m still trying to remember/think if and what lip glosses i ve tried before. talk to you later. hope your luck turns around.

on May 04, 2013  babypiggy_83  7,321 said:

Sorry to hear you pushed yourself too hard. If i were Bren, i d contact bzzagent. Yeah, let s hope that cold stays away, i think we re good though. next week is supposed to look good. I don t remember having to have include a video, just don t do that part. just use them, spread the word and report. that s what i ll be doing. yes it is nice that Canadians are being offered more, but it s also got to do with certain demographics, etc that determine if you qualify. it s harder there than on here to get picked. and did you read on that card they sent with it? it says: The best BzzAgents get the best campaigns, and more of them. funny in a way, even ironic. since you talk to Bren, tell her to contact BzzAgent if she hasn t already to see where her kit is. Laters Donna. Get outside and enjoy the weather, but don t hurt yourself. :)

on May 04, 2013  babypiggy_83  7,321 said:

Hey Donna, just letting you know that I finally got my BzzKit for Always Infinity. It came at the most unappropriate time; I can t test them out for another 3 weeks, lol. Know what I mean? it s not that time of the month, lol. how are you? bzzagent sent me an email the other day saying some time this month they might be having an iced coffee campaign that i could be eligible for? who knows, i ll let you know what and when THAT email comes, ha! Talk to you later.

on April 16, 2013  babypiggy_83  7,321 said:

Well, now why didn t I think of Winner s? lmao. I ve only been in the one in this end of the city 2 times, lol. And both times i just gave it a very quick walk through. When i have time, i ll actually take the time to look. They do have reasonable prices. If you end up with nothing, i m sure your mom would be happy to make you one. That s cool that your mom does/did that, not many people still do that in this day and age. Laters. :) And hope you have a good day.

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