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on May 04, 2017  Pammywhammy845  22,191 said:

Loving your reviews . Stopping in to say hello :)

on March 07, 2017  danaorgnero  26,294 said:

#momsunite :) seriously made my afternoon!

on January 09, 2017  MissNinja  21,296 said:

Hey Tia.. How are you? I just wanted to say a quick hello. I haven't been on Chick Advisor or even the internet for a few weeks. Just busy with life I guess. Happy New Year 2017!! Take Care ttys.

on December 20, 2016  MissNinja  21,296 said:

Hey Tia, sorry for not getting back to you.. I saw the date of your post in my guestbook, Dec 9th WOW,, I have been in-active on CA for 11 days !!! lol... I have been so busy with work ...we are insanely busy this time of year, and well, I am sure everyone at every job is busy unless you work at a golf course. lol.. ha ha.. that was cheesy.. Anyhoo, I have also been doing up Christmas packages for family to get off. I actually did all my final mailing yesterday. I get 3 days off over the Holidays so I will use those days to learn my Crochet properly. Thanks for the post. Did you get accepted for the Pure Leaf Tea Campaign? If so, enjoy.. Well,, I better sign off here, just wanted to say hello, Happy Holidays to You !!! Stay Warm, Safe and have a Merry Christmas !

on December 09, 2016  MissNinja  21,296 said:

That's awesome... I have no clue about blogs and all that.. I suck at computer stuff. I did take my Business Office Assistant Certificate.. in 1998 LOL LOL.. Need some updating maybe? ha ha.. Anyhoo, yep, Golden is close by.. Lots of snow up there.. It is freezing here too along with most of Canada... I do cross stitching, painting, writing, crochet now, knitting, lots of things, Ive got the hugest craft cupboard. I need to do more reviews on that stuff. I wish I had lots of Make Up stuff to review, as that is more suited to chick advisor I think, but it takes me a while to go through the stuff I have as I only wear Mascara , blush and shadow daily... I am SUPER exited to hopefully get on the Tea Campaign, I love tea.. I don't know if they have sent out the notices yet? I love the Gunpowder green the most.. K ttyl Take Care and the same, all the best to you this season.. Christmas is 2 weeks away Geez.. lol
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on December 07, 2016  MissNinja  21,296 said:

Hey TiaQ.. Im good good. Yep I am busy, work is busy this time of year, and I am now finished with my craft fairs. There was one more on Dec 15th, but I can't make it to that one. But, They continue after Christmas into the Spring then a break again, then the Summer Markets.. but, I am focussing on Painting and Crochet for January. Right now, I am just going through all my crafts, organizing, getting new supplies. etc

How are you? I like your reviews. They include interesting info about the product that I would like to really know before buying it. Happy to see you are now part of our little Chick Advisor World :) Take care Talk soon

on December 05, 2016  j.beauty  1,193 said:

Hey Tia! Thanks for much for trusting my opinion! If there is one thing I love doing its helping other women feel awesome! As for primer, it is absolutely a MUST HAVE lol. The most effective primers will even skin tone, minimize the look of pores, create a softer skin surface, makes makeup stay on longer, most times makes it more vibrant AS WELL as makes foundations and concealers easier to blend with more coverage! There is no cons to primer.
There is also eyeshadow primer which is basically the same, but you use less and stops creasing in the shadows. A more intense version of primer in a way..

My all time favorite primer is The POREfessional by benefit. Its awesome and is AMAZING at minimizing pores before foundation is even applied. You can get a smaller tube for about $13 bucks from stores like Sephora. This is the primer I use daily for personal use. For professional use I use E.L.F color correcting primer, the most used one I find is the green tone, which covers red tones and dark circles. This is about $4 for a normal size tube and only comes in one size. But it truly is incredible stuff, it leaves your skin feeling like velvet and many costumers comment on how light feeling it is on the skin.

For eyeshadow primer on both myself and my clientele I use Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer, again bought at Sephora type stores for around $17, and most eye primers come in small squeeze tube.

I strongly believe in primer and the magic it can do with all types of makeup. I will be adding photos to my facebook page of makeup purchased from the dollar store, but applied with the POREfessional primer on one side of the face. It truly is incredible. Feel free to ask me anything, anytime!

on November 19, 2016  tracy1963  6,711 said:

I seen some very cool DIY ideas. I love the fairies in a mason jar. Anyway I thought you might like this Enjoy the rest of your weekend
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on November 15, 2016  MissNinja  21,296 said:

No Worries Tia, I just didn't like that person posting that stuff about fake passports and stuff, plus they posted it 3 times. 2 times anonymously, then 1 time with her/his actual ChickAdvisor name "nyumee" and that name had 125 points beside it. So, watch out for that profile: nyumee. My profile is back to public, but I just make sure I don't write any personal information, names, addresses, where I bank, etc, phone numbers in our guestbooks.. People can do so much with so little information these days.. Im just careful..

All good in da' hood. LOL.. Have a good day Talk Soon.
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on November 15, 2016  tracy1963  6,711 said:

I have found that also. Learning the existence of new things. If they are good or not. I have mental health issues. I'm so impressed that I post. Lots of new things I tried in the last month. You are a great writer.
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