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  Member Since:  February 6, 2021
I'm a 31 year old, work from home, step parent to my partners lovely (pain in the bum at times :P ) 10 year old boy. I'm a truth seeker and animal lover. I'm obsessed with trying new beauty products, my partner thinks I'm nuts! Well I find it exciting and interesting and am mad about reviewing products honestly. I've been suffering with hypothyroidism for just over three years now so trying new and different products has been a bit of a must for me, due to the thinning of my hair and dry skin, among other things. Thats what started this all for me. Its brought a bit of light and happiness to my life these past few years. So when my friend mentioned this community of people (whom she said were awesome!) that she was part of, I had to go see for myself! I'm a huge empath thats always been there for people when they've needed help emotionally. I plan to go back to university when I'm well to study psychology. I've been through a lot in my life, experienced a lot of awful trauma, causing me to be diagnosed with complex PTSD when I was 27. But I wouldn't go back and change anything as I've learned so much from it all and I know I can use it to help others when I'm back on my feet. I was actually an admin on a Narcissistic Abuse Support Group for quite some time, helping others who were going through abuse by people with this disorder, until I became really unwell with my hypothyroidism. After a long, frustrating, almost hopeless battle with hypothyroidism I became my own thyroid advocate and have made great strides in getting better. Six months ago I wouldn't have had the energy to type all of this! Thankfully my hope in life has returned and I believe everyone has the capability to be the best version of themselves, no matter what they've been through!

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