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10 Supplements for Beautiful Skin, Hair and Nails

Posted by Alexandra C. | Wednesday April 18, 201225 comments

Ever since Mandy let us in on her beauty secret for soft and clear skin (i.e. cod liver oil), I've been scouring magazines and the internet to find out all I can about vitamins, supplements and other healthy items that all help you look your most beautiful! 
It came as a surprise to me that so many of the vitamins I see every week in the grocery or drug store are also very beneficial to your skin, hair or nails. What's great about these supplements is that they are multi-purpose and have advantages besides making your hair or nails nice and strong; often they help keep your body in tip top shape as well! Remember that some of these supplements are a stand in for getting the vitamin or mineral from food. I like to try and eat all my vitamins naturally but I'm not always so on the ball (especially when it comes to Omega 3s or any fatty acid) so a supplement provides me with everything I need, so I'm not up until midnight making enough salmon to last me the week. 
Of course, like all health related matters, it's always best to consult a physician before taking anything and to make sure you are taking the recommended dosage. 

1. Biotin (C$8.99) is great for keeping your hair (including eyebrows and lashes) and nails strong and healthy. In fact, a biotin deficiency can cause nail breakages or hair loss. You can also find biotin in swiss chard or liver.

2. Cod Liver Oil (US$28.44), as seen on Beauty Editor, is amazing for keeping your skin hydrated, soft and supple!

3. Milk Thistle (C$17.49) is used primarily to maintain a healthy liver but also said to help improve skin's appearance by reducing redness, inflammation and softening the skin.

4. Murad Pure Skin Clarifying Dietary Supplement (US$43.00) helps to reduce blemishes and also helps to promote healthier skin in the long term. 

5. Phyto Phytophanere Dietary Supplement (C$79.00) promises fortify hair and nails with a combination of vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidents. 

1. Zinc supplements (C$3.99) are part of making your inside healthy (metabolizing proteins and fats, working to maintain the immune system) but also aid in making your outside healthy too! It's said to contain antioxidant properties to help slow down the aging process and also help to generally give you clearer skin. You can also find zinc in foods like oyster, lobster and many red meats. 

2. Perfectil Platinum (US$80.00) has a cult following in the UK, this supplement is made for mature skin to keep it looking youthful and glowing. It contains collagen and herbal extracts to regenerate and protect your skin. 

3. I first heard about Perfect Skin (C$38.98) after watching this video where it received rave reviews. (Sidenote: Also check out this video about a diet for glowing skin) It's anti-inflammatory and clears your skin. The name pretty much says it all!

4. Meiji Amino Collagen (US$39.00) is a powder that you stir into a liquid, being collagen it helps to improve the skin's elasticity and prevent wrinkles. 

5. Grape seed oil (US$8.67), among many other oils, is high in alpha linoleic acid. It is chock full of antioxidants for your skin. Topically, it's also a great item to have for any DIY beauty projects you might be doing since it's so moisturizing. 
Do you take supplements, vitamins? What do you think of adding a powder or capsule to your diet?
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on October 15, 2013  Ben said:

i'm taking the cod liver oil and the result is great but it taste horrible

on January 21, 2013  Aya said:

Ive tried Perfect skin to reduce my bacne and chin breakouts...and it actually made my skin worse. I ended up with even more acne not to mention hard, cystic acne on my chest and back from using it. This is one health supplement that's very dubious with its benefit promises.

on November 09, 2012  nscott84  4,013 said:

I use biotin regularly but haven't seen a big difference. I'm looking forward to trying the others.

on June 24, 2012  Jonesha  437 said:

I use to take a daily multivitamin but didn't notice a difference so I stopped. I currently take the cod liver oil capsules

on April 28, 2012  marebear  861 said:

milk thistle is great for skin I have seen great improvements so far only been taking it for about 3 weeks

on April 26, 2012  assia  1,238 said:

Never tried Milk Thistle

on April 25, 2012  GBelle  2,029 said:

Phytophanere works!! It's pricey but it does work. When I take it, I cut back on other fish oils or EFAs because it has quite a bit. I also take a Multi and sometimes EFA.

on April 20, 2012  Nicole said:

I started taking Biotin and my skin had the most adverse reaction. It was terrible. Now I'm scared to try anything other than a basic multi

on April 19, 2012  midnightsun2288  6,053 said:

This is awesome! I was just trying to google this last week when my nails were breaking. I started using biotin once a day and it works!

on April 19, 2012  ra143  4,092 said:

Biosil also works wonders for nails and hair!

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