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Nail Art Tutorial: French Manicure With Nail Stickers

Posted by Alexandra C. | Thursday April 19, 201223 comments

As many of you already know, I make it a point in my life to make sure everyone around me is getting enough glitter in their lives. Which, brings me to this week's nail tutorial. Lorna loves a bit of bling, but she's also very minimalist and basic in her beauty and clothing choices. So, while we wanted to test out these sparkled out nail stickers on Lorna, we also wanted to find a way to tone down the 'in your face' bejewelling. With that in mind, we decided to try out a french mani using the nail stickers as accents and it turned out gorgeously! 

Here's what we used:

Nail File (We like Sally Hansen Everyday Strength Medium Nail File)  
Kiss Nail Dress Strips in 'Babydoll' 
Essie Nail Polish in 'Bobbing for Baubles' 
Base and Top Coat (We're using Mary Kay Base and Top Coat)

Step 1: French Mani 

First, shape your nails and buff them using a nail file/buffer. You'll need to paint the French manicure portion of your nail so apply base coat then the nail polish of your choice on the bottom of your nail. Try not to paint more than halfway up the nail. You will be covering the top with a sticker so it doesn't need to be a very clean line. 

Next, match your nail with the best fitting sticker size. 

Step 2: Cut to Size

Using your nail as a guide, cut the sticker to the right size. We found that a smaller pair of nail scissors worked best.
Step 3: Cut and Compare

You'll probably need to cut more than once, keep testing and comparing the sticker size with your nail and cut as needed. Use the tweezers to handle the sticker as using your fingers will reduce the adhesiveness of the sticker. 

Step 4: Stick On! 

It was easiest to use the tweezers and apply the sticker from the top of the nail, starting in the middle. Smooth down the sticker with your tweezers, a file or an orange stick. You can also use your file to file away any extra sticker on the edges of your nail. 

We also tried the reverse French mani by using the sticker as the tip. To do this, we first painted the entire nail with the nail polish and then used the same cut and comparing steps. You can file away any excess sticker on the bottom. 

On both these looks, after applying the sticker we gave the nail a layer of top coat to make sure the sticker was secure and to make it last longer. 

Final Shot 

Here's Lornas final manicure! What do you think of her blinged out French mani? Is this something you'd try or have you tried nail stickers before? 
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on June 26, 2012  smiley_gen  9,344 said:

I did something similar for my birthday party with the black and multi colored jewels, it caught everyone's eye! I was so sad when it was tie to remove it! lol!
(I even did my toes!)

on June 07, 2012  gl0ss  6,194 said:

Pretty :) I am loving this look!

on May 30, 2012  bubbles77  27,232 said:

Looks pretty easy, I would change the color of the stick on I they used, but still a very glammed up idea...

on May 22, 2012  Karabana  10,498 said:

Really nice, esp reversing it, great job! :)

on May 16, 2012  jasrose  1,260 said:


on May 01, 2012  crysrob  1,877 said:

I think it is cute, but might look better on your toes for summer. Less noticeable on toes if not lined up perfectly

on April 26, 2012  catty81  1,022 said:

Wow, love the look. Looks like its pretty easy to pull off. A must try I think.

on April 25, 2012  chinook92  2,104 said:

Thanks for the DIY instructions and pics. They look so elegant!

on April 23, 2012  LisaDrew  1,988 said:

Thank you for posting this! I've been wanting to try this for awhile now and you've just inspired me to go out and grab some :)

on April 23, 2012  sirenstarlight  7,243 said:

I picked up a pack of these at Wal-Mart this weekend!
Black ones with rainbow jewels :)
Unfortunately, my nails didn't look anything like yours by the time I was done lol
I might try them again if I can get a friend to help me out this time :P

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