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5 No Cook Holiday Meal Options For The Less-Than-Nigellas

Posted by Alexandra C. | Friday December 27, 20135 comments

You've been asked to a fabulous holiday party but it's a potluck and though you can chow down with the best of them, you're no Nigella when it comes to the kitchen. What's a gal with little to no culinary skills to do? Easy peasy - no cook dishes and appetizers, of course! 

They're so simple to put together, all you need to do is buy the ingredients and assemble (you can even do it at the party!). Fool your friends and family into thinking you're a domestic goddess! And we've even included a decadent dessert because just because you're no Martha, doesn't mean you can't act like one. 

#1 Apple and Blue-Cheese-Butter Crostini 

Like fancy, even more delicious cheese and crackers! Here's how to make them.

#2 Endive Salad

Endives make perfect boats to hold all your salad. This one contains orange and goat cheese - delish. Get the deets here.

#3 Brochettes of Melon, Prosciutto, and Fresh Mozzarella

Sweet, savory and salty all in one. Simply skewer the ingredients on and you're good to go. Get the how to here.
#4 Balsamic Tuna Bruschetta 

Ali's already talked about how easy and delicious a good bruschetta is. And this one with tuna is loaded with goodness. 

#5 Raw Chocolate Walnut Fudge

Chewy, dark, smooth and relatively healthy! Here's how to make chocolate walnut fudge!

Will you be attending any New Year parties?
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on December 31, 2013  imfeehily  8,865 said:

love the fudge idea

on December 30, 2013  Gitty99  5,558 said:

I will stay home and enjoy my husbands company

on December 28, 2013  takoda  28,648 said:

I'll just being staying home New Years Eve with my family, watching movies and stuffing our faces one last time for the year. These have given me a few good idea's, thanks ladies. Now I just need some volunteers to help make it happen.

on December 27, 2013  fredamans  12,217 said:

Mmmmmm making me hungry.

on December 27, 2013  flower  4,433 said:

I will be attending one with new friends!

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