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Birkenstocks: Are They Cool Again + Would You Wear Them?

Posted by Alexandra C. | Friday September 20, 201320 comments

I have what may be some shocking news for you ladies. You may want to sit down. Ready? 

Here it is: Birkenstocks are back and bigger than ever.

At the Spring 2014 runway shows in New York, Houghton (left) had custom Birkenstocks for the catwalk. They weren't the only label taking a lax approach to fashion week. Edun (right), Shades of Grey (middle) and Tina Turk all put models in comfy flat Birkenstock-style sandals.

Maybe we shouldn't be so surprised though. Celine gave us fur lined shower shoe-esque sandals last Spring 2013 and most notably, Miley Cyrus has been a huge fan. Plus, both Marni (right) and Miu Miu (left) did variations on the beloved Birky (that's my new nickname, you heard it here first) in their Spring 2013 shows. 

So, here's the question: are these set to make a real comeback? Will they become the next 'it' shoe? What do you think? Would you wear Birkenstocks?
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on September 15, 2015  Kylee  40,914 said:

No I wouldn't wear them personally. I just don't really like the style of them I guess. I'm more of a ballet flats wearing gal.

on May 30, 2014  RPN2RN  280 said:

Love my Birks.....have a few pairs and wear them often...

on September 26, 2013  nicolthepickle  1,321 said:

I would wear them, even in public, but high heels are really so much more flattering.

on September 25, 2013  Mah_kal  5,634 said:

I love my Birkenstock... Black and have them for last 5 years.. Comfortable and durable ... Worth it

on September 24, 2013  lmc1971  1,327 said:

I love my Birks! I've been wearing them for about 7 years now...I wear the Madrid single strap style and I think they look great! I have them in 3 colours and they are by FAR my most comfy shoe. It's funny to me how they're suddenly the "shoe du jour"...fashion is so fickle!

Thanks, Lisa

on September 23, 2013  xhiao1994  9,873 said:

i live in winnipeg and even though it's just fall,the wind is already breezy and cold. feels like winter. i love birkenstocks, but for now, maybe i will say pass.
well, birkenstocks are classic though.

on September 22, 2013  LissaG  6,010 said:

I have 2 pairs, the classic style in black and a thong style in bronze. Love them both, and had them for years. They're super comfortable and really sturdy! My boyfriend lives in Birks in the summer too. I think they're a classic and will never go out of style, but I would never consider them a 'fashionable' choice of footwear.

on September 22, 2013  Annatree  280 said:

not sure I would wear then when I am dress up but to relax, or to do some shopping yes. as they look really comfortable.

on September 21, 2013  imfeehily  8,865 said:

They are so comfy. Love em.

on September 20, 2013  flower  4,433 said:


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