Contests And Prizes Up For Grabs This Week (August 1 - 7)

Posted by Tammy | Monday August 1, 20115 comments

What better way to start the month of August than to give out two hundred and twenty dollars worth of prizes? This week, you have the chance to win a prize by entering in one, or all the contests listed below.

Review of the Week:
Have a problem with acne? Write a review for products that work to treat those unwanted blemishes for your chance to win. The more reviews you write, the more times you'll be entered so your chances to win will increase.

We've picked out three of our favorite lace-up wedges and now it’s up to you to tell us which is worthy enough to bring out that cash for, which you would borrow, and which is worth sacrificing your criminal record for! 

Prints and Patterns Street Style: These three chicks caught our attention with their unique prints and patterns. Tell us whose outfit you like the most! One lucky reader and the most stylish lady will win a prize. 

Hair Transformation:
This week, we're putting a spin to the original ponytail. We've got props, and endless amounts of broken elastic bands as the result. Tell us what you think and one reader will win a prize.

Posing in Statement Necklaces: We posed in our favorite Summer statement necklace and can you tell us which necklace has been spotted on the likes of style maven Nina Garcia? Guessing correctly may earn you a prize!

Below are the prizes to be won this week:

1. Elizabeth Grant Body Bronzer ($30.00), 2. Etival Body Hand Repair Cream ($20.00), 3. Rodial Brazilian Tan Airbrush ($49.00), 4. Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel ($39.00), 5. Biotherm White D-Tox Translu-cell Neo Whitening Serum ($67.99), 6. Etival Lip Shield Stick SPF 45 ($15.00)

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Good luck!
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on August 02, 2011  Carrie said:

Love getting a spray on tan at the start of summer and would love to try the Brazillian Airbrush!!!

on August 02, 2011  Newfiescreech  4,264 said:

my skin is so pale it so hard to get a tan ..i usually get burn in the sun and then peel ..then i back to pale again ..would love to try Radial Brazillian airbrush tan ..this way i wouldn't have to suffer with legs burn etc. could just use this product .i have a tan .

on August 02, 2011  Mila Perri said:

Would love to try the Radial Brazillian Airbrush tan!

on August 02, 2011  TammyK  1,073 said:

Yikes Meredithk, that sounds terrible! Ya whoever gets the Juice beauty Green Apple Peel, make sure to read and follow the instructions! It is a face peel so be really careful with it. Thanks for the info Meredith.

on August 01, 2011  meredithk115  4,081 said:

fyi, one of the girls I follow on Twitter (@powdernpaint) got a serious burn on her entire face after using the Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel. She posted a photo of it-even worse, she is going on vacation today!! YIKES

Use at your own risk-that photo really scared me.

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