FDJ French Dressing Jeans – Real Fit. Real Women.

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Does the thought of looking for a new pair of jeans make you cringe? You are not alone. Shopping for jeans is one of those dreaded activities that most of us would rather avoid, but it doesn’t have to be!

French Dressing Jeans (FDJ) is a Canadian based company which has been around for over 20 years, their products sold in over 2500 boutiques in North America and Europe. Their jeans are designed to fit real woman, and are perfect for some of us with a more curvy or womanly shape. Back angled pockets, flat seamed front pockets and an inside tummy band help to slim and tuck in all the right places, while maintaining a high level of comfort.

We wanted to see how FDJ jeans held up throughout the day, and 30 women had the opportunity to put them to the test-- zip lining, bike riding or horseback riding for an hour.

I am happy to report that not only were the jeans so comfortable I forgot I was even wearing them, they stretched nicely and held their shape. The stretch in the jeans is thanks to the use of Lycra instead of Spandex, as Lycra stretches/recovers the same in all fabrics, giving consistency in fit.

For the ladies who prefer more pizazz in their denim, check out some of the new jeans being released to stores in July which feature some back pocket crystals, or “bling”, dark overdye washes, and some fun coloured jeans. FJD are found in sizes 4 – 18, and retail at $77 - $120.

To find a boutique near you that sells FDJ, visit www.fdj.ca

by Amanda Schulze
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