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Gratuitous Girl Crush Face Off: Emma Stone vs. Kirsten Dunst

Posted by Alexandra C. | Friday January 20, 201231 comments

I love Emma Stone, I've said this before. She's funny, has a fabulous smile and personality, and too cute to boot! But I also love Kirsten Dunst since her Bring It On and Virgin Diaries days. She's quirky and retro - a girl after my own heart! 

I know I'm not alone in my major girl crushin' on these two Spidey alums, and with all the gorgeousness coming from the Awards Season 2012 Red Carpet, we thought it was high time to do a Gratuitous Hottie 'Girl Crush' face off.

Like their manly counterparts, we'll face them off in three rounds, with one chick winning the competition (no punching though, ladies). 

Round 1: Who makes the better ginger? 

(Ahem, this is how you do ginger, Ms. Katy Perry!)

Emma Stone: Did you know Emma Stone is actually a natural blonde? Who woulda thunk it, especially since red suits her perfectly!  

Kirsten: I love the contrast of deep red against Kirsten's pale complexion, but as a blonde I think she has way more fun!  
Winner: Going with Ems here. Her brief foray into blonde and hazelnut brown shades only served to prove that she was made to be a ginger!

(images via fanpop.comcustomity.com)

Whose closet would we love to raid? 

Making a formal outfit casual by adding a cute moto jacket: so smart! Wearing a trench coat as a dress: genius! 

Emma: She always looks chic on the red carpet but isn't afraid to try a little edge. However, on her off days she favours skinnies and tees - not exactly high fashion, even though she did recently grace the cover of Vanity Fair mag.
Kirsten: I love me some quirk and Kirsten's got it in spades. She often walks that fine line between grannie and haute couture - tres hobo chic a la MK and Ashley if you will. She always rocks the red carpet and is often spotted at fashion week. I love her appreciation for the art of fashion. 

Winner: This one goes to Kirsten in my book! She's always ahead of the fashion curve and rarely misses a step, even when her choices are little too avant-garde.

(images via justjared.comjustjared.com 
Who makes a better match for Spiderman? 

Is it totally nerdtastic that this question seriously weighs on my mind? 

Emma: Of course, the new Spiderman isn't out yet but I have a feeling that with the chemistry between Emma and co-star Andrew Garfield, we're going to be in for one hot movie! I think Emma would be a great girlfriend for a superhero, knowing how to keep things light and fun which is something anyone charged with saving the world would be sorely in need of.

Kirsten: Kirsten brought the passion and romance to the Spiderman movies - remember that steamy upside-down kiss, ladies? However, she kind of fell flat in the personality department for me. One can only take so many angst-ridden sad teenager scenes, am I right?

Winner: This was tough, but because she's way more fun, I'm going with Emma. Kirsten can seem sulky at times, which is a huge downer for anyone. 

And the crowned 'It' girl is...Emma Stone! We heart you Ms. Stone! 

Do you agree? Disagree?
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on December 26, 2021  Kai said:

I like both-

on January 26, 2014  michael angel said:

Kristen dunst; ¡¡¡¡¡theeeeee woman and sexiest actress in the world better than emma stone!!!!!!!!!!

on August 19, 2012  KatelynRose1984  20,704 said:

I absolutely love Emma Stone. I got a crush on her in the movie "Easy A" - She was amazing!

on August 19, 2012  ricky said:

Kirsten Dunst is very beautiful and sexy

on February 19, 2012  mye said:

kirsten dunst all the way

on February 15, 2012  stephcaines  251 said:

as much as i love bring it on, emma stone all the way!!!

on February 05, 2012  Ang_landry2  555 said:

I love them both, but I love Kirsten.

on February 05, 2012  GlamGal  2,378 said:

I agree! Emma Stone is gorgeous!!

on February 01, 2012  Angelatron  438 said:

i <3

on January 24, 2012  LadyChick234234  3,701 said:

Emma wins. But I like Kirsten's acting abilities.

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