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Nerdy Chic Pose Off- Guess to Win!

Posted by ChickAdvisor Team | Monday September 5, 201151 comments
In honour of school starting, we geeked out this week in our Pose Off post! It's all about sweater vests, thick rimmed glasses and collegiate wear. Of course, we're not total squares so we added some chic additions to our nerdy pieces. 

The key to pulling off this look is to pair classically geek wear with a few key trendy pieces which gives it an overall chic and sophisticated feel. Of course, besides all this and most importantly, you're going to have to have the confidence to pull it off! 
Michelle is perfectly preppy with her cable knit cardigan! It's very Ralph Lauren circa the early days and paired with vintage-esque tortoise shell glasses, she channels the nerdy vibe. What makes this even more nerdy is the fact that those are prescription!  
Michelle says the geekiest thing about her is, "I make PowerPoint presentations for fun."

Tammy does your typical sweater vest and button down for this post but matching it with a pair of plaid shorts on bottom makes this formerly stuffy look more casual. Her look is cute and light and perfect for a walk down to the library! 
Tammy says the geekiest thing about her is, "I never miss a Marvel Comics Movie." 

Jenni was inspired by Harry Potter for this post with her thick rimmed shades and collegiate stripes. A white button down underneath makes this outfit the perfect uniform for school but little puff sleeve details are a cute addition. 
Jenni says that the nerdiest thing about her is, "The fact that I go to study at the library on Friday nights, for fun." 

Alexandra is a retro librarian in this pose off. A vintage floral print secretary blouse is paired with a long pleated skirt. Scholarly glasses make this outfit fit for any school marm- not that she is though! 
Alexandra says the geekiest thing about her is, "I can watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer for hours on end."
What do you think of our geeked out makeovers? If you can correctly guess which one of us owns a 'Bazinga' t-shirt from the show The Big BangTheory, you may win one of these prizes. Leave us a comment below! 

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on September 12, 2011  Cole said:

Those giant glasses are hideous

on September 12, 2011  Mandy  50 said:

Hello everyone!

The contest is now closed. The correct answer for this week's pose of is Tammy! Our winner this week is xXLovelyXx! Congrats! We will be in contact with you shortly, so check your email. Thank you everyone for participating. Stay tuned for this week's round of contest.

on September 10, 2011  GlamGal  2,378 said:


on September 09, 2011  megroo  451 said:

Im going to guess Michelle

on September 09, 2011  luv2shop  3,728 said:

My guess is Michelle

on September 09, 2011  shanaz  5,826 said:


on September 08, 2011  daniellem  765 said:

I am guessing Alexandra. (but there's no judgement here- I totally own one as well! :) )

on September 08, 2011  Unw4nt3d  1,424 said:

I'm guessing Alexandra!

on September 08, 2011  takanikki  2,265 said:

I would guess Alexandra. :) Cute makeovers!

on September 08, 2011  ksceviour1  5,006 said:

My guess would be Michelle! I love Jennis and Tammy`s look tho!

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