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Gratuitous Hottie Face Off: Glee's Cory Monteith vs. Chord Overstreet

Posted by Alexandra C. | Friday October 14, 20113 comments

While Glee may be all about the music, singing and dancing, I feel like the show serves a much better service- eye candy. Sure, watching Dianna Agron belt her heart out is awesome and all but how about we get some Puck, Mike, Finn and Sam over here please!

My two favourite Glee hotties are Finn and Sam, or Cory Monteith and Chord Overstreet as you may know them. They're on the more cute, boy toy side but I wouldn't let their baby faces fool you; not only are they both in their 20's (Cory is actually 28!), but I get the feeling that they can be pretty "take charge" manly men. While this gratuitous hottie face off would be solved in a karaoke contest in Glee, we prefer to pit these gorgeous guys in a battle of four rounds with one who comes out on top victorious! Who will it be? 

Round 1: Blonde or Brunette? 

Cory: I'm loving that these two boys are complete opposites; Cory with his hazel brown eyes and dark hair compared with the blonde hair, blue eyed Chord. I like that Cory is a preppy, but has a more natural and 'boy next door' look to him. His also has a great hair style- he hasn't fallen into the Bieber fever category yet, he is more grown up, mature and I like it on him. 

Chord: I'm pretty sure that Chord was not born, he was just concocted in a giant pot, made from two parts Abercrombie and Fitch ads and one part Hollister body sprays. He is literally a real life Ken doll. While is absolutely adorable, I think the 'pretty boy' look may be too pretty for me. 

Winner: I'm going with Cory on this one. The beachy, surfer boy look is crazy cute but I think for real relationship material, you want to go with a genuine, down to earth guy and that guy, is Cory! 

Round 2: Who looks better without their shirt? 

Cory: I love a guy with thick rimmed glasses- unfortunately for Cory though, I won't be taking glass into account this round. Cory is adorable and has a great personality but when it comes down to it- his bod doesn't hold a candle to Chord. This isn't to say that he has a bad body, it just isn't as hot, sorry Cory. 

Remember that 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' episode of Glee? Where both Cory and Chord were shirtless? That was a good episode. Tiny gold shorts + Chord Overstreet = my fantasy. 

Winner: Chord- because he has this insane muscle definition. This guy could seriously be a competitor for Hugh Jackman. 

Round 3: Who'd be the better serenader? 

Cory: Cory has the feeling and guts to really serenade someone. Just like in every teen movie ever made, I'd love to see him out on my front lawn with a stereo, asking me to prom. *sigh* 

Chord: Let's state the obvious here- Chord has a gorgeous mouth. Forget singing though, I'd rather he use it to make out with me. 

Winner: Both boys have great voices, that's a given. Serenading is all about love, passion and expressing those things through song. While Chord may technically be a better singer, I just think that he wouldn't deliver on the feelings side of it, so, I'm going with Cory here. (If Chord wants to make out though, he can call me.) 

Round 4: Who's better boyfriend material? 

Cory: I'm basing this decision on his character Finn and his relationship with Quinn and Rachel. Finn is definitely a loyal guy, even if he doesn't always quite get the answer. Hey, I figure, if he can withstand the demands of Rachel Berry, this guy can take on any high maintanence demand. 

Chord: He's got some mad boyfriend skills! Remember how he went after Quinn and how adorable and sweet he was? 

Winner: I guess this one comes down to personal taste. I would rather go with Cory because he can be surprisingly observant, he has such a great, sweet and sensitive side but he's also fun to be around. Plus- remember how he defened Kurt- can you say 'awww!' 

Champion Winner: This one goes to Cory, but even though Chord only won one out of four rounds, I think that this competition was pretty close! I'd be down to date either of one these boys! While I find both of these hunks dreamy, I wasn't completely sold on either at first but I think I've developed a bit of a crush on both of them in writing this. Cory, Chord- let's set something up. Coffee? 



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on October 14, 2011  AlexJC  50 said:

@Becky I totally agree! I don't know what it is about him but every time I look at him, I just swoon! He's sweet and cute but totally hot- the perfect teenage crush (even though he's like 28)...

on October 14, 2011  jskim07  50 said:

Yum. I would have to choose Chord now, only coz' this article chose Cory! Chord's got those piercing blue eyes and blond hair that I have huge, giant weakness for.

on October 14, 2011  Becky  13,068 said:

Something about Cory just looks so romantic... like not grownup romantic, but teenage crush romantic.. and i have enough teenager left in me to appreciate it ;-) did you girls see him in monte carlo? not to spoil it but I thought he was pretty sweet there! *sigh*

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