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Gratuitous Hottie Face Off: Penn Badgley vs. Ed Westwick

Posted by Alexandra C. | Friday October 7, 201113 comments

Confession- I have never actually seen a full episode of Gossip Girl and while I can admire these two very beautiful boys from afar, I'm not exactly privy to the whole 'Blair love triangle' or their GG characters and I feel like I can't make an informed decision. So, I enlisted the help of our graphic design maven, Shiori who is a devout Gossip Girl follower to help me decide who should win this Gratuitous Hottie Pose-Off. 

Round 1: Who's better for Blair? 

(images via fanpop.com, gossip-girl-blog.cwtv.com

Shiori Says: I think they're cute together because they connect on a more intellectual level. 

Alexandra Says: Apparently this guy is the 'nice' one. Nice guys are great....until you get bored. 

Ed/Chuck (right)
Shiori Says: I'm personally all for Blair and Chuck. You can tell they have an intense, passionate relationship. 

Alexandra Says: I think Chuck is better looking. He kind of seems like a jerk in that photo though- not liking that face he's making. 

Winner: We can't decide. Shiori suspects she is preggers with Chuck's baby but Chuck isn't exactly 'dad' material. On the other hand, Dan is cute but their relationship is simmering not boiling. 

Round 2: Who'd make the better arm candy? 

(images via listal.comphotos.ed-westwick.org

Penn (left) 
Shiori Says: I'm not loving Penn, he has down-to-Earth charm and he's a nice boy but I want something more. 

Alexandra Says: I am basing my decision off of Easy A- where he played Emma Stone's love interest and in the end he brought her a tractor to ride off on, just like in Can't Buy Me Love. As an 80's teen movie addict... this pretty much made my heart melt. 

Ed (right) 
Shiori Says: He's mysterious and he has a British accent- sign me up!

Alexandra Says: He is definitely arm candy material with his very coiffed appearance and piercing eyes! 

Winner: From a purely physical standpoint, we like Ed better. He is wearing that suit very well, we might add and like any good piece of jewellery, he will make a big statement on your arm. 

Round 3: Who's hair would rather run your fingers through? 

(images via teenchive.com, justjared.com

Penn (left) 
Shiori Says: I feel like Penn's would be softer. I like a tall, dark and handsome man too so I'm all about these raven locks of his.

Alexandra Says: When I look at Penn, I think here is a guy who spends a lot of time, money and effort on his hair to get that, 'I didn't do anything to it at all- I swear!' type of look. Way too high maintenance. 

Ed (right) 
Shiori Says: I hated Chuck's hair season one, but he has definitely improved it. He has started putting effort into his look, which I can appreciate. 

Alexandra Says: I like Ed's hair because it looks really thick and voluminous. He kind of reminds me of Robert Pattinson...I hope Ed Westwick showers though. 

Winner: We think this one should go to Penn. He deserves it for all the time he takes to look smokin' hot! 

Round 4: Naughty or Nice? 

(images via photos.ed-westwick.org, fanpop.com

Shiori Says: I'm going with naughty. Here's why: motorcycle and a leather jacket. Need I say more? 

Alexandra Says: I was going to go with naughty but then I felt bad for Dan so I am going with nice. According to Shiori, Dan is a writer so I would fully expect a lovely handwritten love note. 

Winner: One point for each... as we like to say, different strokes for different folks. 

Champion Winner: It's just too hard to decide between a hottie bad boy and a cute, nice guy writer. Alexandra is all for Penn and Shiori is all for Ed which means it is split vote! Tell us whose side you're on!

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on October 10, 2011  nanng  386 said:

Throw those two fellas back in the play pen and dust em with talc...they ain't done by a long shot! Pull a couple men from the stage crew working Hamilton's Gore park of an evening and then see who's the hottie and who's the nottie!! Just a thought from a woman tired of being offered kool-aid as an actual end of the night time drink.

on October 07, 2011  Ali de Bold  STAFF said:

Chuck all the way - especially since Ed Westwick has a British accent.

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